Blue Marble University Announces 8 Fast Track Graduate Doctoral Degree Programs for High School Graduates

Dr. Walter P. Drake, Director of Blue Marble University, announces the offering of eight combination doctoral degree programs that can be entered right after High School. The “Fast Track” series of programs cover eight combined undergraduate and graduate degree programs in:

(1) Computer Science and Engineering

(2) Biomedical Engineering

(3) Chemical Engineering

(4) Education Science and Instructional Technology

(5) Plant Physiology and tissue Culture

(6) Stem Cell Biology and Use of Repair Stem Cells

(7) Health Care, Insurance, and Hospital Management

(8) The Humanities

 The five year programs are open to High School graduates and upon successful completion, the students will receive a combined Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) degree. 

“We do not offer any electives or filler courses, all courses in these programs are degree specific, and that, along with operating the programs all year long on a trimester schedule, allows the student to master the material in a shortened time frame” states Dr. Drake who adds: ” Not for everyone, these programs are for those students that know what they want and where they are going, and we give them some terrific tools to get there at a very affordable tuition of $3900 USD per year ($2750 USD/year if paid in advance in a lump sum)”.

Dr. Walter P. Drake, Director
Blue Marble University
USA Mail Address:
Blue Marble University
411 Walnut St., #4387
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043


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