Three Year Online MD Degree Program Unveiled by Blue Marble University

Blue Marble University, a virtual educational institution offering novel online programs via distance learning and non-traditional formats announced the opening of its new 3-year online MD Degree.

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“This is sure to be our most popular program” said Walter P. Drake, Director, who went on to say: ” We are not intending to train any physicians, but rather our MD degree is in the nature of an Executive MD degree useful in a surprising variety of non-clinical pursuits including ObamaCare Administration, medical research, pharmaceutical and medical device development, and hospital management, to name a few.  In order to operate successfully in medically related fields, it is useful to know the language of medicine, and you will only get that if you train in the medical arts.”

Blue Marble University is a virtual non-campus based university which offers up a surprising variety of novel undergraduate and graduate degree programs which can be pursued online via distance learning. It is one of only a few universities offering a stand-alone PhD in stem cell biology, and probably the only one offering it totally online. It also offers numerous combination BA/PhD distance learning programs for High School graduates and homeschoolers that can be completed in 5 years.

Dr. Drake went on to report that the Blue Marble University stem cell biology program, which is administered through its autonomous College, the Panama College of Cell Science, is highly successful, and particularly popular with international students.

“I think that novel doctoral programs that can be completed online and also at an affordable cost, are always going to have an audience. We charge $2,950 USD per year with payment plan for every program, and $2,550 USD per year if paid in advance.

The curriculum for the online MD degree incorporates the study of many medical texts relating to the practice of medicine and pathology, but omits the normal clinical rotations and direct patient contact found in the usual medical school curricula leading to physician licensing.  Instead, courses such as  Autologous Stem Cell Therapy, Clinical Trials, Medical Laboratory Techniques, Medical Negligence Claims and Procedures, Medical History and Records Management, Medical Devices, Radiology and Imaging, Cell Culturing Techniques, and Hospital Management are included. The complete curriculum can be found here:  Online MD Curriculum

More on the program can be found Here:

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