Blue Marble University opens new online three year PhD program in Humanities titled “Worlds”

Blue Marble University, one of the world’s really great virtual universities offering totally online programs, has now opened its latest doctoral program in the Humanities.Titled “PhD in Humanities- Worlds”, the program offers studies in civilization leading to a doctoral degree in three years. Although based in Dominica, Blue Marble doctoral programs, comprising 72 trimester credits or more, are equivalent to a doctoral degree from a regionally accredited USA college or university, as determined by a US Department of Education approved foreign credential evaluator.


Join us on expeditions to find the soul of the humanities. This is an Instructor-led self learning program in which we use the massive eleven volume work of Wil and Ariel Durant “The Story of Civilization” as the foundation and outline for our learning.

We then explore various topics concerning ancient civilizations and religions in further depth, and conclude with an introduction to virtual worlds.

Although no dissertation is required per se, the student is expected to contribute independent original work to his/her Online Portfolio. The Online Portfolio is the online digital identity and record of the student’s education, research, writings, accomplishments, and other interests organized and presented in a professional, artistic manner for all the world to see. The concept and techniques for the Online Portfolio will be presented as a first course, and the student is expected to develop and contribute to the portfolio over the course of the program, culminating in the finalization of the Online Portfolio at the end.

Some previous knowledge and capability with computers is necessary both for the creation of the Online Portfolio and for the study of Virtual Worlds; however these parts of the program are designed for non-computer science students.

This program will be useful to anyone interested in politics, teaching, writing, journalism, communications and just about every non-science endeavor one can imagine. In contrast to our other Humanities doctoral program (which is based on themes and the exploration of large topics through the case study method), this program is patterned on historical periodicity and hence generally follows the time line of history. The incorporation of virtual worlds methodology will get the student thinking about the presentation aspects of communication. It is not just important how one presents an idea but how it is presented.

Click here for further information, admission requirements, and curriculum: PhD Humanities- Worlds

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