Doctoral Degrees for High School Students

PhD Degrees for High School Students

Blue Marble University offers several unique 5 year online doctoral programs open to high school graduates, home schoolers, and non-traditional students. Rather than pursue a 4 year Bachelors program, why not consider a 5 year program that ends with the award of a PhD or other doctoral degree. If you visit our website, you will find descriptions of these programs: 

(1) Biology: Stem Cell Science B.S./Ph.D. Stem Cell Biology

(2) Biology: Applied Biology B.S./D.Sc. Applied Biology

(3) Biomedical Engineering B.S./D.Sc. Biomedical Engineering:

(4) Chemical Engineering B.S./D.Sc. Chemical Engineering

(5) 4 year program in Law: B.A./J.D. Law

Our application process is simple and straight forward (and easy), and can be found at:

Basically we look for Home School Applicants, Alternative Education Applicants, and Advance Placement Applicants (Early Admission Applicants), and Other Non-Traditional Students, within the following definitions:

High School Students who have completed 1oth Grade (USA) or equivalent, and who are at least 16 years of age, or who have graduated High School. International students at least 16 years of age and who can demonstrate an education roughly equivalent to the USA 10th grade are welcome.

Homeschoolers are students that have followed one or more homeschool formats. We recognize that there are many different home school regimens that students may follow, and many have used different formats along the way. Some may have documentation from the curriculum and text provider, or school district, some may have followed their own course of study without being affiliated with any homeschool provider.  It is not necessary to provide a high school diploma or certificate of completion of a home school program unless you have one to show us. A high school diploma or certificate of completion is not required.

Alternative Education Students and other non-traditional students may have followed altogether different educational pathways, and may not have even followed a homeschool curriculum, or in fact any curriculum. They may have followed their own interests and studied what was important to them. Such students are likely to have no “paperwork” whatsoever.

Advance Placement Applicants are students seeking early admission to either our Bachelors Degree programs, combination Bachelor/Master Degree programs, or combination Bachelor/Doctoral degree programs. Such students are those who have generally completed the USA Tenth Grade in a regular school or have attained what might be considered equivalent education via home schooling or via alternative education formats. Such applicants must be 16 years old or greater.

General Application Instructions

(A) Although we have a rather informal application procedure, the burden is on the applicant to demonstrate or describe in what respects he/she is prepared to meet the challenge of the selected program. We strive for everyone to be successful and consequently, we need applicants who have the necessary skills to succeed in the selected program.

(B) Obviously, different programs require different skill sets. For our science and technical programs, math aptitude and training should be described, as well as writing ability, and science studies. On the other hand, for our Humanities programs, reading and writing skills should be emphasized and described.

(C) Computer skills are necessary, especially since this a virtual university. You should be comfortable with internet searching, email procedures, and downloading procedures. Your equipment (hardware and software) should allow use of one or more of he latest web browsers, although, one is free to use internet cafes, local libraries, or local colleges which usually have such equipment available for anyone to use.

In addition to our 5 year combined BA/PhD programs noted above, Blue Marble University also has some terrific combination Bachelor/MastersDegree programs open to high school students and home schoolers, which can also be completed entirely online. As an example, we offer a unique 4 year business program in Business Science and Industrial Technologies (Bachelor of Business Science/Master of Business Science in Industrial Technologies, BBS/MBS);

a Chinese Language program (The China Program) which offers a combined BA/MA in Chinese language;

and a 3 year online BA/MA degree in Humanities-Worlds of Kings and Gods.

Cost: All of our programs are very affordable and cost the same: Our Annual Tuition is $2,950 USD With a Payment Plan, or $2,550 USD If Paid in Advance.

And there is no cost to file an Application!!

Blue Marble University…we know online education and we do it well…

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