Fast Track Online MD Program for High School Students

Blue Marble University, the world’s best virtual university, announced the addition of a new fast track combined Bachelors/Doctoral degree in Medicine for High School graduates. This program is totally online, and features two years of undergraduate courses to prepare the student to successfully complete the 3 year online medical program. Graduates of the program receive a Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) in biology and a Doctor of Medicine degree (M.D.).

The Curriculum may be viewed here: Online BS/MD Curriculum

This medical degree, in the US, Canada, and most countries CANNOT be used for clinical practice, and cannot be used to substitute for any educational requirements involving licensed health care practitioners.

Our Doctor of Medicine is a rigorous program adapted from various international medical schools, and follows the new 3 year time line developed by several USA medical schools. As a distance learning Doctor of Medicine degree program, we necessarily omit all clinical rotations and hands-on patient contact, but we retain studies of clinical medical texts. The goal of the program is to not only teach about the practice of medicine, but also to teach what are some of the related components of the health care industry: Stem Cell Therapy, Clinical Trials, Medical Devices, and Hospital Management, just to name a few.

Internationally, the MD degree is a professional doctorate degree, and in much of Europe, the M.D. is considered to be a research degree similar to a Ph.D., being awarded upon submission of a thesis. In the USA, the MD degree is awarded after usually 4 years of medical education. Following the receipt of the MD degree, those students that wish to practice medicine must complete one year of internship, pass the US Medical Licensing Exam, and complete additional training in most cases. Some USA students opt to forego the additional internship and licensing procedures, and use their MD degree in other careers.

Notice: The MD degree issued by Blue Marble University can never be used for physician licensing purposes, to satisfy any education requirements for licensing as a physician or other health care provider, or for any career or profession involving direct patient care. In the USA and most countries, it is illegal to hold oneself out as a licensed physician unless one is in fact licensed.

Rather, the goal of the program is to serve those applicants that wish to enter non-clinical careers, some examples of which can be found here:

Further information about Blue Marble University online programs can be found at:

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