Engineering Without the Math!!

Blue Marble University opens Industrial Technology program
and adding PhD Degree

Hidden away among the very novel and unique educational programs offered in a distance learning format is a nifty program titled “Industrial Technology”.  Although it is a 4 year combined BA/MA program, the listing and description of the courses make it  awesome!

Advertised as “engineering without the math”, the program is part managerial engineering and part business. As they say: “We go deep into the main global technologies: Food, Oil/Energy, Water, Global Transportation (including Modern Railroading).” For a high school graduate or home schooled student, this unusual program is sure to be a tantalizing resume entry, and is sure to get graduates in the door for interviews in Oil/Gas, Transportation, Food and Water industries, as well as governmental regulatory agencies.

This is really a business sciences program, not so much emphasis on engineering, although there appear to be some engineering courses.

The program is also available as a self-paced program.

For more information, see the website at:

And if you add a dissertation, you end up with a PhD degree too.

Blue Marble University is a virtual university incorporated in the Commonwealth of Dominica. It offers a boutique collection of unusual and novel doctoral degree programs via distance learning, delivering programs over the internet.

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