New Self-Paced Doctoral Curricula Announced by Blue Marble University

Blue Marble University now offers all of its programs as self-paced. That means that for every program we offer, which are primarily doctoral degree programs, students can proceed as fast or slow as they want to. Geared toward working adults seeking advanced PhD degrees, the self-paced format allows them to budget their time to fit their own needs rather than to follow a regimented schedule. The self-paced option has been added in response to student inquiries and requests.

Details about the program can be found on the main Blue Marble University website at:

Dr. Walter Drake, Director cautions students: It is strongly recommended that all students enroll in our regular programs and forego a self-paced format. A self-paced doctoral program should only be undertaken by the most self-disciplined of students. While “self-paced” may sound really good, most students will benefit from having a regular schedule of studies to adhere to, and having Instructor input, which ultimately will aid toward the timely completion of a program. Students may tend to lose themselves in a self-paced program, but we offer the format to meet the needs of those that require it for some reason.

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