No High School Diploma Needed

Blue Marble University welcomes Home School Applicants, Alternative Education Applicants, and Advanced Placement Applicants, as well as other Non-Traditional Students. We even have a Special Application Procedure you can view at:

Many US universities accept students for admission that have not graduated high school but who can demonstrate  through examination of otherwise that they are prepared to enter college. It is not always necessary to have a High School Diploma in order to attend college. At Blue Marble University, in special cases, no high school diploma is needed. Homeschoolers  and students that have followed alternative education pathways, as well as students seeking advance placement or early admission are welcome. Working adults are always welcome, too.

Homeschoolers are students that have followed one or more homeschool formats. We recognize that there are many different home school regimens that students may follow, and many have used different formats along the way. Some may have documentation from the curriculum and text provider, or school district, some may have followed their own course of study without being affiliated with any homeschool provider.  It is not necessary to provide a high school diploma or certificate of completion of a home school program unless you have one to show us. A high school diploma or certificate of completion is not required.

Alternative Education Students and other non-traditional students may have followed altogether different educational pathways, and may not have even followed a homeschool curriculum, or in fact any curriculum. They may have followed their own interests and studied what was important to them. Such students are likely to have no “paperwork” whatsoever.

Advance Placement Applicants are students seeking early admission to any of our Bachelors Degree programs, combination Bachelor/Master Degree programs, or combination Bachelor/Doctoral degree programs. Such students are those who have generally completed the USA Tenth Grade in a regular school or have attained what might be considered equivalent education via home schooling or via alternative education formats. Such applicants must be 16 years old or greater.

Any applicant to Blue Marble University that may fall into one of the above categories, including working adults who may have no high school diploma, are welcome to apply using our Special Application Procedure. Every applicant will be reviewed and admission is determined on a case by case basis, following submission of your Application using the above link.

Our 5 year combination Bachelors/Doctoral programs are listed here:

and our combined Bachelor/Master program in Industrial Technology (with option to add PhD through dissertation) is detailed here:

and our combined Bachelor/Masters Degree program in Humanities (Worlds) is detailed here:

Tuition Costs are here:

If you don’t have a High School Diploma but are interested to start a distance learning program, we would be happy for you to consider one of our programs.

Blue Marble University…..We Know Distance Learning and We do It Well

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