New 3 year Online Doctor of Naturopathy Program Opens at Blue Marble University

The fastest growing segment of medicine today is Alternative Medicine. It is a gigantic new field and we give you the knowledge and tools to carve your own career in this booming and profitable health care field.

Blue Marble University offers two programs:  our three year online doctoral program leading to a Doctor of Naturopathy (ND) degree; and our 5 year combined Bachelor (BS)/Doctoral degree (ND) in naturopathic medicine for High School graduates and home schoolers.

Details on the program can be found on the Blue Marble University website at:

Program Summary: The focus of our program is on Complementary Medicine. There are many more jobs and positions and opportunities in a counselling and consulting roles rather than a “stand alone” direct patient treatment with alternative medicine therapy alone. What does this mean? It means we see Alternative Medicine, also referred to as Natural Medicine, as an adjunct to conventional health care and not as a stand alone substitute for it. Patients want to see the whole picture. What does conventional medicine offer for this or that, what alternative techniques and procedures might be worthy. Our students are trained to complement conventional therapies. An excellent example is the Riordan Clinic, which offers intravenous high dose Vitamin C therapy as a complement to a patient’s cancer therapy:

We start you off with core medical courses. You have to know how disease materializes and presents itself (pathology),  how pharmaceuticals work and basic pharmacology, diagnostic lab tests…in short, you have to learn conventional medicine in order to understand and appreciate if this or that alternative therapy has any merit. We then proceed to our alternative medicine courses, including the pharmacology of natural medicines, special topics in alternative medicine, and maybe the most important one: clinical nutrition and nutrition diagnostics. Most of everything you will be doing in your career will revolve around diagnostic tools…you have to know what is occurring in order to fix it. Included is a course on how to integrate yourself into a medical practice by partnering with a health care provider. Lastly, the student proceeds to the dissertation phase. There is nothing better to catapult you into a professional standing than being a “published” scientist. Don’t worry, we help you every step of the way, and you will complete this phase within your 3- year program!

How can you use your ND degree from Blue Marble? Well please take a look at these two models below… they will give you all the inspiration and understanding of alternative medicine you need to carve out your own career in:

The pharmaceutical industry helping to develop new supplements

Patient care as a partner with other health care providers to provide complementary treatment to patients

Setting up your own counseling and wellness center

Participating in almost every aspect of health care, as guide and counselor, and someone with special expertise.

Alternative remedies in gerontology, nursing home consulting

And see the many other career options noted at:
Alternative Careers for Naturopathic Doctors

And at:

Two sample websites that show what others are doing in the Alternative Medicine field:

Medlab: If you want to get the flavor of how many things  you can do in the exciting and growing field of alternative medicine, look at this international company based in Australia that prepares, markets,  and distributes “nutriceuticals”.  A world class alternative medicine business,  this web site will give you  some good ideas for  how you can become very successful  in this wide open new field.

This model should help you to both understand how alternative medicine works, and to appreciate the many opportunities available. Look around you, investigate, and you will be amazed what you can find and how many opportunities you can think of on your own. One of the courses we offer is called “Colloquium” in which we cover establishing wellness centers and partnering. Course content changes regularly but is intended to cover the following four topics: Operating a wellness center; partnering/integrating with an allopathic physician to provide complementary, and/or holistic medical care; operating a counselling clinic; consideration of industry recognitions and certifications. It is an interesting “how to” course intended to give you a head start on your naturopathic career.

Surprisingly, for most of what you can do or will want to do, no license is required. Only 16 States require naturopaths to be licensed, and this is only applicable for treating patients directly. Our brief review of licensing appears here: Brief Review of Licensing

So please browse our website and learn about this new program. The cost is only $3950 with payment plan, or $3500 annually in advance…and that includes all your textbooks too!!

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