Blue Marble University Announces Tuition Cut to $2,950/year

May 1, 2016

After listening to our international students and applicants from 5 continents, Blue Marble University announced today a reduction in tuition for all new students to:

$2,950 USD with payment plan


$2,700 USD annually if paid in advance in a lump sum

Rather than offer a two tier tuition rate, we offer one price for all students and for all of our online graduate degree programs.


Tuition fees include ALL textbooks and other learning materials. You will not have to pay anything further for your education. Normally, students elsewhere have to pay about $500 per course for texts, which amounts to $1500 per term, or up to $4500 additional per year.  We eliminate all costs for textbooks and learning materials! Textbooks are supplied to students free in PDF form. So please keep in mind that our fees include all learning materials as well. All tuition fees include a no interest payment plan as well as a discount for advance lump sum payment.

This tuition pricing is for all Blue Marble University online graduate school programs, including:

5 year online BS/MD program for High school Graduates

3 year online MD degree

3 year online PhD degree in Stem Cell Biology administered by our separate Panama College of Cell Science

2 year Dissertation-Only PhD program in any field of study

our new 3 year online Doctor of Naturopathy degree (ND)

and all our many other innovative and unusual degree programs:

Blue Marble University…We know Online Education

and We Do It Well