Invest in Blue Marble University

Investors are Needed to Provide Capital for Expansion
$200,000 – $1,000,000

Blue Marble University is an online university specializing in 3-year doctoral degrees and 5-year combination Bachelor/Doctor degrees. Over the years, we have developed and perfected our course delivery system which includes a private student portal for each student. The private student portal is the centralized location where each student can find their course content, exams, academic and financial records. In addition, we have a substantial portfolio of course content developed particularly at the doctoral level, which includes the complete course content for our unique online Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree as well as our Stem Cell Biology PhD program administered by our Panama College of Cell Science.

Blue Marble University Ltd., the corporate entity, is actually a family of 3 schools:

Blue Marble University [Specializing in graduate degree programs in many fields of endeavor, including the very popular 2-year Dissertation-Only PhD program]

Panama College of Cell Science [The world’s first and still only 3 year online PhD program in the new medicine: Stem Cell Biology]

Blue Marble University Medical School [3-year online Doctor of Medicine program, which does not lead to physician licensing due to lack of clinical training, but nevertheless has been reviewed to be equivalent to a US medical degree]

Some possible investment avenues:

(1) Corporate Finance and Marketing Professional wanted to execute a plan to raise capital for expansion of Blue Marble University. Amount needed is $200,000  – $1,000,000. If you are experienced in crowdfunding, private placement, or in marketing a crowdfunding offering, please contact us below.

(2) Investors needed to invest in a new corporation to take over Blue Marble University for the purpose of providing operating capital for advertising and the pursuit of accreditation avenues.

(3) Securities Dealers or Consultants able to execute a SCOR offering for up to $1,000,000 (Small Corporation Offering Registration. The right group is one that can execute a sale of securities, not just the filing of appropriate SEC papers.

(4) Acquisition: Our corporation, Blue Marble University Ltd., is registered in Commonwealth of Dominica. We would be interested in being acquired by a friendly suitor, preferably in the education sector, that would permit us to expand our brand and reach more students. The acquisition could be via a merger or purchase for a combination of stock and cash.

(5) Stock Brokers and Securities Dealers welcome. If you are a stock broker or securities dealer in any country, we are open to talks relating to raising capital to support expanded operations. “Expanded operations” include having the necessary capital to undertake the expensive accreditation process, and also the creation of an elegant mobile app for our students. We want to move our entire online courses and experience to the now ubiquitous smart phone. So, if you have a way for us to reach our goals, and also for you to make some participation profit, we are happy to talk to you.

(6) Education Partner(s). If you are involved in education, control some other educational institution, or would be interested in partnering with us, please let us know how we could work together toward our mutual benefit.

(7) Business Opportunity for Semi-Retired Educators. The best investors for Blue Marble University are those already engaged in education at the college or university level and who want to purchase a partnership position which, if desired but not required, could include helping to direct and manage the University and teach life science, humanities, or engineering courses. This would include active or semi-retired educators seeking a current education-based business opportunity as well as an opportunity for continuing to be involved in education during retirement.

If interested in talking further about these ideas or any other formats, please  contact Walter P.  Drake directly at:

The above material offered for purposes of discussion only and not intended to constitute an offer or sale of any securities. We will work with any interested party to ensure that any end result complies with all applicable securities regulations or exemption therefrom.

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