A U.S. Style Education at a Fraction of the Cost

Blue Marble University–Annual tuition is $2950 with payment plan or $2700 in advance.$2,950 USD with payment plan [$950 USD down payment at enrollment, and 8 monthly payments of $250 USD thereafter]; or $2700 USD advance lump sum payment per year. Enough said!!!!

Our graduate programs leading to a doctoral degree–all equivalent to a regionally accredited US college of university–include:

Stem Cell Biology



Dissertation-Only PhD

Education-Instructional Design and Technology

Naturopathic Medicine

See HERE for complete list of Programs and Curricula: https://bluemarbleuniversity.com/about/degrees-and-certificates-offered/

Equivalency of Our Doctoral Programs to Regionally Accredited US Colleges and Universities. Our doctoral degrees, as most foreign education degrees, are accepted in the USA as being equivalent to a regionally accredited USA college or university, as determined by a professional foreign credentials evaluation service. We are “equivalent” because all of our doctoral degrees are comprised of a minimum 72 trimester credit hours, the minimum required in the USA.

If you were to attend a university overseas, it would not be “accredited”. Yet many people with overseas education use that education in the USA. They have their degrees approved as equivalent to a regionally accredited USA college or university. There are many such foreign credential evaluation bodies.  One such organization is the California University Foreign Credential Evaluation Service (CUFCE) at: http://cufce.org .

Because all of our doctoral programs require a minimum of 72 trimester credits of study, they are equivalent to the minimum requirements  for a regionally accredited USA college or university doctoral degree.  Therefore, graduates of our doctoral programs are qualified for most state and federal jobs based on our degree being equivalent to a USA doctoral degree.

That is why we say you can obtain a US style education at Blue Marble University.

“At a fraction of the Cost”

 Not only do we have the Lowest graduate school tuition:

$2950 USD per year with Payment Plan
$2700 USD Advance  Payment Per Year

But on top of the very low and affordable tuition, Tuition fees include ALL textbooks and other learning materials. You will not have to pay anything further for your education. Normally, students elsewhere have to pay about $500 per course for texts, which amounts to $1500 per term, or up to $4500 additional per year.  We eliminate all costs for textbooks and learning materials! Textbooks are supplied to students free in PDF form. So please keep in mind that our fees include all learning materials as well.

For high school graduates and home schooled students, we offer several fast track five-year combined Bachelors and Doctoral degrees in fields such as stem cell biology, applied biology, biomedical engineering and chemical engineering. In addition, we offer shortened degrees in the humanities, computer science, and business science.

Blue Marble University offers online PhD programs for working adults…career building degrees. And for our undergraduate applicants, we have already dropped all required “seat time” as recommended by the US Dept of Education, and instead we give you 4 year and 5 year combined BS/MBS and BS/DSc programs that deliver advanced degrees in about the same time as a traditional undergraduate degree. Now, which do you think is more powerful…really.

Please visit Blue Marble University to learn more. Because when it comes to delivering a  modern virtual graduate program online, we just don’t “follow the book”…we wrote it!!

Blue Marble University…We Know Online Education…And We Do It Well!!

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