Our Most Exciting Programs for Working Adults and for Early College Admission-All for Just $2950/year

Blue Marble University offers a variety of 3 year doctoral programs for working adults. Our graduate school features many career building doctoral degrees that are really affordable yet scholarly:

The Blue Marble University online Doctor of Naturopathy  (N.D.). Our Doctoral degree in Alternative Medicine will prepare you for a business career in the exploding alternative medicine field. We provide all the knowledge and tools you need to become a part of the fastest growing segment of global health care:  Alternative Medicine.  Our program is like no other. Patients seeking alternative approaches to health care are not interested in hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, yoga,  massage therapy, etc. We eliminated those from our curriculum, and instead concentrate on how you can carve your own pathway to success in Alternative Medicine.

Our online Ph.D. degree in Stem Cell Biology administered by our separate School, the Panama College of Cell Science, is still the World’s first and only 3 year totally online program. All of our graduates have completed our program with a published dissertation, mostly in peer-reviewed journals. Stem cell science is THE most funded biological science in the United States, and many other countries. Mention that you are in a stem cell biology PhD program, and everyone will stop to listen.  Moreover, we don’t stop with just Embryonic Stem Cells. You will learn the actual current medical applications of Adult Stem Cells in use today across the globe. We offer a cutting edge biology PhD program in a cutting edge biology field.

Blue Marble University offers intriguing online engineering programs, including a Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) degree Biomedical Engineering; an online Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) degree in Chemical Engineering; an online Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) in Petroleum Engineering.

The Blue Marble University Biomedical Engineering degree is a 3 year online program. We believe that the most important medical observation of our time is that repair stem cells taken from a patient’s blood can heal damaged tissue and can repair bodily functions. Stem cell science has opened a whole new and exciting area for biomedical engineers. New designs of equipment and processes are needed in the areas of batch preparation of stem cells, labeling and sorting of cells, cell preservation techniques, clinical diagnostic imaging devices to find such cells, scaffolding and other techniques for tissue creation, nanotechnology, as well as cellular delivery devices. Consequently, we have pointed our program in the direction of cellular and tissue engineering. It is intended that a graduate of our program will be equally at home in an academic or industrial/pharmaceutical research lab, teaching setting, medical device manufacturer, medical imaging developer, clinical stem cell treatment clinic, clinical engineering environment, or in hospital administration.

The Blue Marble University doctoral degree in Chemical Engineering is likewise a 3 year online program that deals primarily with “Process Engineering”. Chemical engineers apply the principles of chemistry, biology, and physics to solve problems. These problems involve the production or use of chemicals, fuel, drugs, food, and many other products. They design processes and equipment for large-scale safe and sustainable manufacturing, plan and test methods of manufacturing products and treating byproducts, and supervise production. A chemical engineer is involved in the design, development, construction and operation of industrial processes and factories for the production of a diverse range of products, as well as in commodity and specialty chemicals. Relevant industries include oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, energy, water treatment, food and drink, plastics and toiletries. Modern chemical engineering is also concerned with pioneering valuable new materials and techniques, such as nanotechnology, fuel cells and biomedical processes and engineering. As a chemical engineer, you may work in research, teaching, development, manufacturing, technical support, marketing, sales, project engineering, or enter into engineering management. We have an exciting program, and it is not as difficult as you think!

To round out our 3 year online engineering doctoral degrees, Blue Marble University offers an exciting 3 year online doctoral program in Petroleum Engineering, leading to the Doctor of Science Degree (D.Sc.). One of our Chemical Engineering programs, the Doctor of Science in Petroleum Engineering is designed to train graduates for top level positions in the industry. It is hoped that our graduates can participate in the development and production of oil and gas at the highest corporate and governmental levels.

Students interested in Engineering degrees should also take a look at the Blue Marble University online degree in Industrial Technology-Engineering Without the Math!! Industrial Technology includes wide ranging subject matter, which is an amalgamation of industrial engineering and business topics with more focus on the practicality and management of technical systems and less focus on the actual engineering of those systems. Graduates of our program are expected to find positions in major industries (food, water, oil, or global transportation), and to serve primarily in supervisory and administrative positions. When we lightly refer to our program as engineering without the math, we do not mean no math!! We mean that advanced engineering mathematics will not be required. Typical business math, how to read corporate financial reports, and other relevant computational skills will be covered.

The curriculum says it all, and we feel our offering is not only unique, but can be handled by students of average intelligence. And a degree in Industrial Technology will “get you in the door” to an interview, and is way superior to a general business degree, due to its being unusual and also being perceived as of higher caliber. This program focuses on:

Big Oil: Exploration, Transport, Management, Chemistry, Reserves, Sale and Marketing, Permits, Clean Coal Processing

Water Resources: Production, Filtration Technology, Ocean Energy, Waste Water, Water Chemistry, Management, Salt Water Separation, EPA Regulations

Food Technologies: Packaging, Preservation, Distribution, Additives, Regulations

Global Transportation: Modern Railroading, River Transport, Air Cargo, Sea Cargo, Ports and Port Mechanics, Shipping and Tanker Leasing

Because of the mass of material that needs to be covered, we needed 4 years of study to make this degree worth anything. But we feel it is 4 years well spent, particularly since our program can be done part-time by working adults, previous home schoolers, and others. Curricula for  a combined Bachelor of Business Science/Master of Business Science (BBS/MBS) in Industrial Technology [4 year program]; and for our  Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) in Industrial Technology: https://bluemarbleuniversity.com/industrial-technology/

The Blue Marble University 3 year online Ph.D. Degree in “Instructional Design and Technology”, our education technology degree. With plenty of hands-on lab studies and less “theory”,  graduates of this program finish with plenty of useful tools you can use. Complete our program and you can go anywhere to design curricula and to deploy an e-learning or distance learning educational platform, or easily serve as lead administrator at the university, corporation, or K-12 (State Education Department) level. Our online labs will require you to actually design one or more courses and deploy them on an e-learning platform. And we have some fun diving deep into 3D Virtual Worlds as a means to create student interest in courses.

The Blue Marble University 3 year online Law Degree (J.D.): Law is the Foundation!! The Blue Marble University Law Program offers a Doctor of Laws Degree (JD) that can be completed entirely online in 3 years. This Distance Education law school program also accepts High School graduates and Home Schoolers into an accelerated 4 year program that concludes with the issuance of a combined BA/JD in Law. If you are looking for an exciting, affordable law degree program, we have it. We offer a USA style law degree for those that want training in the law for one of the many careers not involving the practice of law as a licensed attorney. Please Note: Completion of this program does not qualify any graduate to become a licensed attorney in the USA. The purpose of our JD program is to offer Doctor of Law Degrees to students and working adults for purposes of career advancement and not for the purpose of becoming a licensed attorney in the USA. Depending on your country, if you are an international student, our Doctor of Law degree (JD) may qualify you to practice law in your country.

The Blue Marble University world famous 2-year Dissertation-Only Ph.D. degree modeled on Asian and European education models.  Also referred to sometimes as a Ph.D. by dissertation with no course work, or online PhD by thesis only, this program is designed for any field of endeavor, and is for students who are interested in a dissertation program that has a beginning and an end. We are set up for two years including completing the publication process with our help and guidance. This is a terrific program, particularly for those already holding a Masters Degree, to round out and complete one’s education.

If you are a Homeschooler or working adult looking for an easy program to complete, Blue Marble University offers both a 3 year online Bachelors/Masters Degree (BA/MA) in History (Worlds of Kings and Gods) featuring a study of Wil and Ariel Durant’s “The Story of Civilization”. This program is also configured as a 3 year online Ph.D. in Humanities.

Finally, if you are interested in a medical degree, our separate division, The Blue Marble University Medical School, offers  the only online MD degree that can be completed in three years, totally online.  It is an exciting, unique program that trains the student in the medical arts and medical sciences for application in non-clinical careers.

Blue Marble University Early College Admission

In addition to our doctoral degrees, Blue Marble University offers  a variety of 5 year doctoral programs for High School graduates and Homeschoolers. These  5 year combined Bachelors/Doctoral programs lead primarily to B.S./D.Sc. degrees, and can be entered after Sophomore year in High School, or Age 16.  Start your college education early and gain admission to our programs prior to any High School graduation. Please visit our website for a listing of all programs available to students 16 years and older: https://bluemarbleuniversity.com/about/degrees-and-certificates-offered/

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