Our Totally Online Education Technology Doctor of Science Degree

Blue Marble University, registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica, offers world class, affordable  online doctoral degrees for working adults. Our doctoral degrees are equivalent to those of regianlly accredited US colleges adn universities, and thus can be used to qualify for employment, research, and teaching positions in the U.S. and internationally.

In this post, we highlight one of our most timely programs: the Blue Marble University 3 year online D.Sc. Program in Education Technology. 

Education technology is all about delivering education online harnessing the power of the computer. 

Why else would you need any technology if you were just going to teach in a classroom?

Thailand was the very first country to recognize that new technology was to be used online, and was the very first in the world to create a Ph.D. program that could be completed entirely online. They recognized one had to learn the technology online so as to use it online.

Still today in the US, many edcuation technology programs are classroom based, with a lot of filler courses involving leadership and management that have nothing whatsoever to do with teaching a course online, managing students online, creating online instructional techniques, designing online courses and curricula.

The entire Education Technology program at Blue Marble University is conducted online. You will build courses online, you will develop instructional aids such as quizzes online, you will learn how to use special apps online an on your smartphone. In fact, you will learn how to deploy an entire college online complete with courses, sign-ups, exams and everything else needed for a complete online college!!!

Complete our program and you can go anywhere to design curricula and to deploy an e-learning or distance learning educational platform, or easily serve as lead administrator at the university, corporate, or K-12 (State Education Department) level. Our online lab will require you to actually design one or more courses and deploy them on an e-learning platform. And we have some fun diving deep into 3D Virtual Worlds as a means to create student interest in courses. But don’t worry, we know you are not engineers, but rather educators. Our computer science courses won’t kill you and will give you a world of confidence.

Our complete 3 year curriculum is here: https://bluemarbleuniversity.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/d-sc-instructionaltechnologyrevisedsept2017.pdf 

And even if you do not have a college degree, you can enter our 5 year B.S./D.Sc. program right from high school and get a combination Bachelor and Doctoral degree.

Blue Marble University…We Know Online Education…
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