The Cure for Failed Dissertations

Blue Marble University offers a 2 year Dissertation-Only PhD program which is the cure for failed dissertations. Many students come to us having completed all the coursework and examinations required in a PhD program only to find that they can not get through the dissertation portion of the program.

Problems arise with incompetent advisors, grandiose dissertation ideas, and an overall environment at some traditional colleges that a student must toil for years in order to attain the coveted Ph.D. degree.

In fact, it is not widely publicized that the PhD program drop-out rate is about 60%. That is, sixty percent of students entering graduate school will not complete the program and receive a Ph.D. degree.

If Einstein could write the theory of relativity on a napkin, why do dissertations have to be so long and cumbersome, in many cases with 75 pages of Instructions? The ONLY purpose of dissertation, whether lab based or otherwise, is to demonstrate a command for the field.

Our PhD program is available for any field of endeavor. It is particularly suited to those with a Masters Degree that wish to acquire an advanced credential.

We have had MANY students who failed to complete their dissertation requirement at other schools, come here get that taken care of, become published, and really round out their education with a PhD degree. A published work is a terrific credential to have. Our students works have ranged form 20-70 pages. Most are in the 20 page range because no Journal is going to publish 70 pages, actually tops is most likely 20. One student that did 70 pages, had to cut it down to 20 so we could help get it published.

We are totally different from the traditional colleges, which think a dissertation is some sort of fence that a student has to jump over. We treat a dissertation as a writing to show the student has command of the subject material, and anyway, with our review process DONE AT THE BEGINNING, once approved, you just execute the plan and there are no surprises and no problems at the end. We complete your planning before you start and before you have to pay any money!

We had one student change the topic 4 times. The project was a book. It took 3 1/2 years to complete the dissertation, one of the finest pieces in biblical archaeology to ever be published. Here is that graduate’s review:

Doaa E. (Egypt)
Ph.D. Biblical Archaeology
2-Year Dissertation-Only PhD
Blue Marble University

“To all Blue Marble University Staff: Really I am speechless and I cried with joy when I received the graduation package, and you don’t know how I felt when a quick flash back came to my mind of these three years which were full with ups and downs in my writing style and how your advice and opinions really helped me to become who I am now and how this University stood with me in this critical dissertation and supported it until it was published and saw the light. Millions of millions of Thank you to all the staff is not enough and I wish all the best and I really want to travel and celebrate our success with you all. Thanks again and again and again to Professor Dr. Drake for your kind words written in the Forward to my book. Thank you so much for you all for your interest.”

Do we expect students to take longer than 2 years? No of course not, and many can finish in a year and a half, especially if they have some work already done that is acceptable to us.

Here is another review of a student who came to us with a failed dissertation:

Gwen A. (USA)
Ph.D. Special Education
Blue Marble University

“To My Wonderful Friends at Blue Marble, Just wanted to thank you again for getting me through. I have committed myself in writing to visit my WordPress site one time per week and I am calling it WordPress Wednesdays. I have been inspired by this process and am grateful for the idea of keeping a journal… I literally caught my breath when I read “Dr. A…” as your salutation in the email you sent. Special thanks for comparing me to Alice in Wonderland but the truth is I was merely Gwen in BlueMarble land. I remember feeling stuck during the adventure and just like Alice I thought: “Would you tell me please which way I ought to go from here”. You always seemed to sense that this was my silent question and still always had the right thing to say: ‘Full steam ahead.’ We will stay in touch. Best Wishes Always…”

So do not be afraid of our dissertation process, we are here to help, not hinder!

Please read about our 2-year Dissertation-Only PhD here:

For doctoral students, we transfer all of your courses and credits to your academic record with us, and then once your dissertation is completed and published, your PhD is issued.

Don’t worry about publication, all of our students, every single one, has gotten their thesis published with our guidance.

You need to study our process here:

And you might find some comfort in this Post, Dissertation Inflammation:

Because there are no courses you may start anytime and are not limited to our normal Start Dates. Applicants need to send over an application (free) and Supplement to Application as explained in the middle link above. With this program, we do not have suggestions for topics, it is up to you to come up with a good topic and one that is not too grandiose. Completing the Supplement will assist you in defining your topic. Surely you came across something that interested or excited you in your graduate studies.

Cost as stated is $2950/year with payment plan; or $2700/year with advance lump sum payment.

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