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Blue Marble University Chinese Language Program

In addition to our Chinese Language Program, Blue Marble University specializes in offering 3 year online Ph.D.  degrees and D.Sc.  degrees to working adults. Our impressive list of degree offerings include:

Alternative MedicineDoctor of Naturopathic Medicine (ND)

Biology:  Ph.D. Stem Cell Biology [Administered by Panama College of Cell Science].

Biology:  D.Sc. Applied Biology

Biomedical Engineering:  D.Sc. Biomedical Engineering

Chemical Engineering:  D.Sc. Chemical Engineering

Computer Science:  D.Sc. Computer Science

Dissertation Only Ph.DCreative Arts and Sciences PhD (2 year program)

EducationD.Sc. Instructional Design and Technology

Humanities:  Ph.D. Humanities- Critical Thinking

Humanities:  PhD Humanities- Worlds

LawJ.D. Doctor of Law

MedicineDoctor of Medicine (MD)

Petroleum Engineering: D.Sc. Petroleum Engineering

Pharmaceutical Science: Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Science

All of these doctoral degree programs can be taken online at a very affordable tuition ranging from $2700 USD/year to $3450 USD/year.

In addition to our 3 year doctoral degree programs, Blue Marble University also offers our fast-track five year combined Bachelor/Doctoral degrees in a similar list of programs:

(1) Biology: Stem Cell Science B.S./Ph.D. Stem Cell Biology

(2) Biology: Applied Biology B.S./D.Sc. Applied Biology

(3) Biomedical Engineering B.S./D.Sc. Biomedical Engineering:

(4) Chemical Engineering B.S./D.Sc. Chemical Engineering

(5) Industrial Technology: Engineering without the Math: 5 year combined BBS/MBS/PhD:
[Note: This program is listed both under Business Management; and also under Industrial Technology]

(6) Law, (4 year)B.A./J.D. Law

(7) Medicine (for non-clinical practitioners): B.S./M.D. Doctor of Medicine

(8) Natural MedicineB.S./N.D. Doctor of Naturopathy

(9) Pharmaceutical Science: B.S./Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Science, Only doctoral curriculum shown

But the program we highlight today is our Masters Degree in Chinese language:

The China Program

“When we talk about modern careers, what is hot, what will earn you a good living, learning the Chinese language might be the top proficiency you can have. I know that learning Chinese is not for every one. Me too, I don’t know one word of it. Most students want to do what everyone else is doing. But I guaranty you this: If you can learn the Chinese language, you won’t EVER have to “look for a job”. You can just point to where you want to work and for whom. And that includes every State and Federal government agency, not to mention the largest and fanciest international corporations based in the USA and overseas.” [Walter P. Drake, Director, Blue Marble University]

About our program: This course is not about accreditation, seat time, or credits…it is about achieving proficiency, in this case a certain fluency, in speaking and reading Chinese. The program presents a framework for study of the Chinese language. Because graduates are most likely to operate in the business world or be employed by government, we incorporate into the program some introductory business courses as well as some courses in Chinese history and culture. 

Open also to high school graduates, High School students that complete this program successfully will be awarded a combination Bachelor of Science/Master of Science in Chinese Language and Culture. Our lead instructors and mentors tell us that proficiency in the Chinese language can be achieved in two to four years, with best result if four years is budgeted.

There is no time period for the completion of our program. When proficiency is reached, which is estimated at 2-4 years depending on the student and the effort made and time devoted to studies, our degree is awarded.

Curriculum: Typically each Curriculum is customized for each student. A chart explaining the program in more detail appears here:

Our Expanded Masters Degree Curriculum for students with a basic knowledge of Chinese is shown here as an example. NOTE, this example is for applicants with a basic knowledge of Chinese.  

Curriculum 1A Masters Degree Program (2-4 years)

Assumes the student has some basic knowledge of Chinese language

at the Begginer or Intermediate Beginner level.

YEAR 1-Term 1

Chinese Lab I. Review and strengthen: This course is intended as a warm-up course and review of tones and pronunciation. Requires sign up to about $25/month x 4 months (ask Instructor about possible discount coupon). 6 credits
Sounds and Tones- Listening, reciting. Student begins mastery of tones through the process of listening, imitating, recording, comparing. Student practices authentic speaking. Among the materials provided are the free audio stories from JustLearnChinese. 6 credits.
Reading Practice.  The student will begin reading a selection of materials. 6 credits.

Term 2

HSK Lab. This course begins a series lab-based courses which proceed roughly through the HSK levels (Hutong School). Students will take the mandatory placement test offered free at: in order for the Instructor to assign the starting point. Required sign-up at includes text, workbook, and excellent videos.  6 credits.
HSK Lab II. This course continues from above. 6 credits
Listening and Translation. The student continues studies with Listening, imitating, recording, and additionally, translating to English. Audio stories from JustLearnChinese. 6 credits
Online Portfolio (1): The student is introduced to the platform and begins to create the student’s online portfolio with staff guidance. 6 credits.

Term 3

Listening and Reciting. More practice listening to authentic Chinese dialogue using among other resources the audio stories at JustLearnChinese. 6 credits.
Chatting Practice. In this course the student is assigned one or more topics for internet “field study” in which chatting in Chinese language is practiced via WhatsApp or similar Chinese chat app actually used in China. For example the student may be assigned to find a product on Alibaba and to chat with the manufacturer about specifications sales info and the like. 6 credits.
Chinese Dramas and Comedies: This course presents a variety of Chinese dramas and comedies intended for the student to imitate authentic Chinese speaking. Through imitation naturally comes grammar proficiency. The student will imitate, record and compare. Typical source material is teh rakuten viki series at;, and 6 credits.
Online Portfolio (2). The student continues development of the digital portfolio with staff guidance,a nd begins posting some works in Chinese language. 6 Credits.

YEAR 2- Term 1

Refresher and review. The student will be guided toward  one or more review/refresher courses, such as provided by, university grade courses offered for free on the internet. 6 Credits
HSK Lab III. This course continues our series of lab-based courses which proceed roughly through the HSK levels (Hutong School). 6 credits.
HSK Lab IV. This course continues our series of lab-based courses which proceed roughly through the HSK levels (Hutong School). 6 credits.

Term 2

Chinese Dramas and Comedies (2): This course continues the presentqation and authentic speaking practice using a variety of Chinese dramas and comedies intended for the student to imitate authentic Chinese speaking. Through imitation naturally comes grammar proficiency. The student will imitate, record and compare. 6 credits.
Reading and Writing with computer keyboard (1). 6 credits.
Reading and Writing with computer keyboard (2) 6 credits.

Term 3

Online Portfolio (3). Finalization of student’s Online Portfolio, which may require additional independent work and development. There is no dissertation requirement, but the creation of a satisfactory online digital portfolio highlighting independent works and writings is required. The independent works and writings must be of a professional quality and creatively presented. Faculty will guide and mentor the student throughout this process. 6 Credits.
Independent Language Studies. Student will do a self-assessment,  and will organize his/her further studies toward proficiency in weaker areas. Such independent study must include regular Recitations of selected texts such as: “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine”(黄帝内经), “The Classic of Changes” (易经), Lao zi’s “The Way and the Virtue” (Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching)(道德经), “The Sutra of Pure and Calm” (太上清静经), “Tractate of the Most High One on Actions and Consequences” (太上感应篇), “The Great Learning” (大学), “The Doctrine of the Mean” (中庸), “The Sutra on the Ten Wholesome Ways of Action” (十善业道经), “The Heart Sutra” (般若波罗蜜多心经), “The Sutra on Maitreya’s Ascension” (弥勒上生经), “The Lotus Sutra” (妙法莲华经). Texts for recitation will be determined by the Instructor. 6 Credits.
Independent Language Studies Continued.Course 2: Translation is from Chinese into English, text to be assigned by Instructor. 6 Credits.
Independent Language Studies Continued.Course 3.  Recitation of the Chinese classics, material to be selected by Instructor.  6 Credits.

Comprehensive Examinations: Oral and Reading
Student must pass comprehensive examination set:

1. Oral Exam: Student must demonstrate oral fluency in a question/answer format that is delivered to the University as a video (MP4 or similar) in which the student will give an oral presentation on some topic in Chinese language and another language instructor or other audience member asks questions about the presentation which are then answered by the student, all in Chinese except for a brief introduction in English; and

2. Reading Exam: Student must demonstrate reading proficiency by reading a passage from a local Chinese newspaper or magazine, in which questions are asked by the listener, to which answers are given, all recorded on video to be delivered to the university along with a transcript in Chinese that can be translated and verified separately by the University.

Examination Oral Grade:

Examination Reading Grade:

Master’s Degree Presentation to Faculty

Similar to a Master’s Degree thesis, but not a research paper, the presentation, which may be oral or written, but in Chinese language, should highlight some aspect of the student’s studies, the learning experience at the University, or other topic to be determined. The presentation will be made part of the student’s Official Academic Record, must be posted to the student’s Online Portfolio, and should be something the student would be proud to show or present to a colleague, an employer, or educational institution.


This is a video Oral Exam by our Masters Degree candidate Alan W. Abrams, with an additional question/answer session which occurs about midway in the video.

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