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Address to Blue Marble University law students by
Walter P. Drake, Attorney.  
September 1 Law Class,  2021

Blue Marble University offers a gem of a program…our 3 year online J.D. degree. Overlooked by almost everyone, a law degree is the MOST valuable degree you can have. You can use it in any industry, any career, any facet of human endeavor. And that’s because the law is the framework for our entire world, and all of our human interactions!

We call our 3 year online law degree a “Doctor of Jurisprudence”, or JD. The degree is also referred to as “Doctor of Laws”, and “Juris Doctor”. The Blue Marble University online J.D. degree is a doctoral level degree requiring a previous Bachelor Degree in any field, but we also offer a 5 year combination B.A./J.D. for high school graduates and home schoolers.

The Blue Marble University Doctor of Law (J.D.) degree is not for becoming a practicing attorney that goes to court or gives legal advice to individuals. You cannot become a licensed attorney with our degree, because for licensing in the US, one must have graduated from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association.

But you can be a “lawyer”. Let me tell you why this JD degree is one of the most exciting adventures you can undertake. Not to mention the prestige of having “J.D.” after your name. And this is a terrific career booster for women!! I do not know why more women do not think about such a prestigious, flexible, and useful degree for so many careers.

Woman studying law at Blue Marble University. The three year online Jd degree is a terrific option for women.
Photo Credit: Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash

As amazing as it may sound, you will find that the Blue Marble University JD degree applies to a vast and diverse array of careers. Let me give you some ideas:

A. Do you like numbers? You can work in tax related professions as a tax preparer, accounting, tax regulation, various governmental agency departments involving real estate tax, employment taxes, and any agency involved with any kind of numbers. This would include for example, City, State, and Federal retirement and social security agencies.

B. Tax professional. You can own and operate your own tax preparation business. Or work in a corporate accounting office.

C. Talent Agency: You can represent creatives as an agent, or run a talent agency with the correct agent contracts.

D. Corporate legal department. Even though unlicensed, you are permitted in nearly every State, to work in a corporate legal department, generate contracts, review documents, participate in personnel matters, hire licensed attorneys for court work, draft corporate ducuments such as employee manuals, serve as assistant or associate law department legal staff.

E. The FBI– There are numerous career pathways within the Federal Bureau of Investigation fo which a law degree could prove useful:

F. Small Business– Most if not all aspects of small business involve legal and business issues. There are business set-up, business funding, employment, raising money, tax filing, as well as employment and personnel matters, for which someone with a law degree would be greatly favored.

Women and Minority students can benefit their lives and careers at Blue Marble University Law School. Most if not all aspects of small business involve legal and business issues. There are business set-up, business funding, employment, raising money, tax filing, as well as employment and personnel matters, for which someone with a law degree would be greatly favored
Showing confidence, what you will achieve at Blue Marble University Online Law School

G. Start a Business. Knowledge of the law makes you one heck of an entrepreneur…at least gives you the tools to be able to design a new business, as well as operate it successfully.

H. Set up your own law firm or work as a law professional in a law firm. You can run your own law office so long as you partner with or use licensed attorneys to represent your firm’s clients. State laws vary about non-lawyers owning a law practice, but in most cases there is a legal work-around if necessary. Possibly you are interested in only being the firm’s “rain maker”, finding new ways to attract clients and offering new services.

Blue Marble University online JD degree permits entry into many careers in legally related as well as non-legal careers
A great way to change careers is to obtain a law degree from Blue Marble University-It will teach you to think independently. Photo Credit: Peter van Eijk on Unsplash

I. Compliance Officer: A popular alternative career for lawyers, compliance officers typically work in-house and help a company ensure it is complying with local, federal, and international regulations. They also make sure the company follows its internal bylaws and policies. Even though they work for the company, they must make sure management identifies any regulatory risk and manages it.

J. Politician: It’s no secret that many political leaders went to law school—in fact, 40% of the current Congress went to law school. A fundamental understanding of government and the law is essential to a career as a politician. Your in-depth analytical and problem-solving skills will be essential for a life in politics. Of course, transitioning to a life in politics is easier said than done. One way to connect with your local political party of choice is to work on a campaign for a leading politician.

K. Academia: The world of academia may be quite hierarchical. But, if you enjoy teaching, you can help shape the next generation of lawyers and law professionals. With your law degree and understanding of the legal industry, you’re in a great position to contribute to the much-needed restructuring of law schools. And you don’t have to just teach “law”. For example, many community colleges have positions for teaching real estate, brokerage, mortgage courses, and business law.

L. Arbitrator: Various organizations require arbitrators and mediators, that is, informal dispute resolution specialists.

M. Private Investigation– Knowledge of the law and how to get court documents is helpful here.

N. Writer: Writing a book is ideal for lawyers who love to write but are not keen on becoming a marketer. You can self-publish their work or contact a publisher and sell the manuscript of their book. Self-publishing is the easier option since all you need to do is to provide the instructions to self-publishing companies and publish the book. If you contact a publisher, you must know how to sell their manuscript so that they can get a contract with the publisher.

O. Health Care Management: Many many opportunities in health care regulation and management in the corporate environment as well as hospitals and clinics.

P. Crowdfunding Financier: Help yourself and others raise money for new businesses.

Q. Bitcoin/Blockchain: Learn about and join the re-deployment of the internet to the bitcoin blockchain. Be a part of building and being a part of the new internet, and creating new related businesses to serve this growing space.

If you are here reading this…then it is most likely a sign for you to make a change!

Blue Marble University online JD degree for use in many different careers and to boost your current career.
Let’s go! Jump start your life with a law degree from Blue Marble University. Photo Credit: Austin Chan on Unsplash

And if this summary is not enough, for those thirsting for even more information on alternative careers for lawyers, please Click on these additional unlicensed attorney resources:

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Does this mean everyone will accept your credentials?? No. There is a lot of educational snobbery and arrogance in the halls of academia. Sometimes even online degrees from USA accredited colleges are not accepted.  Whether or not your prospective employer accepts your credentials depends on many factors.  It is convenient to assert: “Your degree is from an online college”. However, most employers now understand and see the value in alternative, non-traditional education, and if they feel you can contribute to their operation and success, you will be hired. They realize that it is your body of work and not so much whether a program is “accredited”.

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