The Blue Marble University is a virtual university offering online degree programs via distance learning.

       We have no campus, and unlike most other educational institutions that charge the same for online programs as for campus based programs,  we pass the savings on to our students. Our degree programs are very affordable.

Blue Marble University is owned and operated by Blue Marble University Ltd., an International Business Corporation registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica to engage in providing internet based education leading to the degrees issued upon the recommendation of our Faculty. And although we are an international based education institution, we offer USA style programs and degrees.

The organization of the University follows the original and traditional historical format, in which a group of scientists, educators, and learned professionals having expertise and specialized knowledge in various fields,  associate together as a Faculty for the purpose of teaching. The Faculty of the University determines the curriculum, passes on the adequacy of the students’ thesis and independent work, and determines when the student has achieved mastery of the subject material such as to warrant the grant of an undergraduate or doctoral degree. Our degrees are conferred by the Faculty upon the satisfactory completion of the curriculum, Digital Portfolio,  and in the case of most of our doctoral degrees, the dissertation.

**Tuition now ranges from $2700 USD to $3450 USD depending on the program
(Effective January 1, 2019)

Blue Marble University Offers Innovation Throughout Our Programs

(1) Innovative Curricula

 We have some new and exciting programs that can be completed entirely online. We have a 2 year Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation program after which you can start your own bookkeeping and tax business. Our Business Science programs go deep into  “Big Oil”, “Modern Railroading”, and “Global Transport”.  Our Computer Science program doesn’t just teach Information Technology…we delve into Gaming and software engineering for 3D worlds. We have some terrific graduate engineering programs including  a doctoral program in Instructional Technology. Do you like Biology?? How about a 3 year D.Sc. degree in Stem Cell Science or Applied Biology?  In appropriate cases, students may help develop their own curriculum on the fly, and all have to create along the way an independent work, whether it be a video, film, book, publication, website, or something else. Students may also suggest their own programs entirely (with approval and appropriate instructor guidance of course). And we didn’t leave out the Humanities. Our shortened programs in Critical Thinking, or the Worlds of Gods and Kings are exciting and cutting edge.  At Blue Marble University we have different views about how long a program should be. The duration of a program should be based on the time necessary to master the subject material…not based on worn out ideas that a certain type of program must last a set number of years.

(2) Cost Innovation

 Our annual tuition ranges from $2700 USD to $3450 USD, depending on the program. For further information you can click on the Tuition button above.  Because we offer all programs via distance education model, the savings generated by not having to maintain expensive campus facilities is passed on to you.  When one can find an excellent foreign medical school for less than $5000 USD/year,  the graduates of which become physicians practicing in the USA, it is very difficult to understand why,  basic education is so costly in the USA.  Knowledgeable students and their families have already caught on to the fact that they can find excellent education overseas at a fraction of the usual cost. We will do our best to maintain our low tuitions, and will do so in part by remaining a “virtual university” without significant campus or administrative facilities. You won’t be paying for buildings or building maintenance or repair. We will strip out just the education part, and so your tuition fees will go primarily to your educators. Your tuition will be based on our cost to deliver the program to you (plus a little profit), not based on what is the maximum student loan you can obtain from the government, nor on the maximum amount the government will pay for education for armed forces veterans.

(3) Innovative Faculty

Our instructors are educators that have to do more than just teach what they know. They serve as student mentors and facilitators of education. Their primary mission is to guide the student throughout the entire program, find resources, find people with specialized skills that may be interested to take one or more students as interns. They have to teach how to solve problems. In many respects, what we require from our instructors may be more difficult than what they are used to, because they will also be learning along the way where to find information, how to put it together, how to gain useful concepts. And then they have to impart these mental exercises to the students. And our Instructors may not all be PhD’s. When you want to learn about “Big Oil”, it might be OK to have an industry expert tell you about it. We are not interested in Instructors with a degree…we are interested in Instructors that know their subject and can transfer their knowledge. It is best to learn entrepreneurship from an entrepreneur and not from a professor, don’t you think??

(4) Innovative Students

Blue Marble is not for everyone. We are looking for students that have come out of high school prepared. We do not have time to teach you basic math, although we can refer you to free remedial courses on the internet. We are seeking  goal oriented students that desire to succeed. As a virtual university, you are encouraged to pursue other activities outside of your education, such as working, volunteering at medical facilities,  interning for companies in industries in which you may be interested,  participating in creative matters, or travel. It is a big world out there when you have not explored any of it. We may give you a text or two. But, in addition, you will be required to explore the world’s resources and materials for new information related to your degree program. This means primarily via the internet. But also means an exploration of libraries and other facilities near your home town. We may send you on independent field trips to meet various people or see various places near where you live. You need to know everything there is to know about Google Maps. In the end, we hope you will have and understand the seeds of innovation, how to solve problems, where to look for materials to aid in solutions, and finally, that you have the skills to succeed in any endeavor.

Please browse our programs and come join us for a valuable and exciting learning adventure!

Blue Marble University–Good Education….Good Value

From the World’s Most Innovative and Original Virtual University