Blue Marble University Undergraduate Degrees

All Blue Marble University Bachelor Programs Are
2 Years and 8 Months Only

We Follow A Three-Semester Year Plan


And here’s how it works: We study all year round with no breaks. Each of our semesters is 17 weeks long, compared to the usual 15 weeks for a typical college semester. This way, we pack 3 Full Semesters into a single year. We call this our Three-Semester Year Plan, and we are the only University that has it.

Come and Save Some Time and Money
With Blue Marble University Undergraduate Programs
And Finish Your Bachelor Degree 33% Faster

Check any college for their Graduation Rates within 4 years. Most are 60% or less, which means you have a good chance of not even graduating on time in a typical 4 year undergraduate program.  All Blue Marble University undergraduate programs are set up for completion and issuance of a Bachelor Degree  in 2 years-8 months! You don’t have to ever worry about not getting the courses you need. Upon enrollment, your entire curriculum is laid out for you, and all courses are guaranteed available. You never have to “register” for any courses, they are automatic. Which means that our 2 year-8 months graduation rate is 100%, assuming that you complete your courses successfully.

Tuition Cost: $3450 USD/year with payment plan; or $3200 USD/year in advance annual payment. We charge annually and not by credits or time. This means for the 2-year-8 month program, the TOTAL tuition for the entire Bachelor program is $10,350 [$9600 if you paid annually in advance], and that includes all learning resources and texts!!! Some nominal lab fees may be applicable for some programs.

(1) Some Sample Programs

Please Contact Us About These or Any Program You Might Want

(Not All Programs are Listed Here)

B.S. Biochemistry
B.S.Biology-Stem Cell Science

B.Eng. Chemical Engineering
B.S. Chemistry
B.S. Computer Science
B.Eng. Electrical Engineering
B.S. Forensic Science
B.S. Health Studies/Public Health
B. Eng. Petroleum Engineering
B.S. Pharmaceutical Science
B.S./M.B.S. Business Science Degree

All progams 100% Online

How to Apply: 

When to Apply: Apply anytime. Start dates are September 1, January 1, May 1. Cut-off dates are Here:

Admission Requirements: Typically a High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent is required. However, Home Schooled and non-traditional students are welcome. Dual Enrollment permitted for current High School students, but completion of high school required prior to issuance of Blue Marble University degree.

(2) The Blue Marble University Undergraduate Curriculum

All Science-All the Time
No Foreign Language Requirement
No “General Education” Courses

Specializing in Chemistry, Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Bio-Medical, and High Tech Degrees

We follow the modern approach used by many  Open Curriculum Colleges. These colleges dumped General Education courses, and offer an Open Curriculum in which the student can select whatever courses they wish to pursue. While still adhering to the 4 year requirement for a Bachelors Degrees, these powerful institutions do whatever they want, and because of their well deserved and well recognized reputations, they fear little from accrediting boards. These are the elite open curriculum colleges:

Amherst College
University of California–Berkeley
Brown University
Colgate University
Cornell University
Iowa State University–Ames
Mount Holyoke College
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Northwestern University
Pennsylvania State University–University Park
Smith College
Vassar College
University of Wisconsin–Madison

These elite colleges and universities may be signaling the end of “general education requirements”. We especially like how Amherst describes their undergraduate programs: “Amherst has no distribution requirements and no core curriculum. Instead, students choose the courses that matter most to them. Our open curriculum ensures that each classroom is filled with inquisitive, fully engaged students committed to the topic at hand.”

(3) The USA College Experience-That We Don’t Follow
4 Years of Seat Time to Include General Education Courses

Most people do not realize that the college accreditation process requires that colleges offer certain courses, such as in philosophy, economics, mathematics, second language and so forth. That is why most colleges offer 4 year B.A, programs of which the first two years are spent taking “General Education” courses having nothing to do with someone’s interests, future career, or proposed major. With only two years available to devote to one’s major, these general education requirements in turn lead to a college degree taking 4 years.

This 4 year period has come to be known as “seat time”, meaning no matter what, you are supposed to be sitting in a class for 4 years. Parents came to feel that these 4 year programs were costing money and were not relevant to ones career, not to mention that many students never actually graduate in 4 years, many needing 5-6 years to finish! Why did a student interested in higher mathematics have to take a philosophy course, and vice versa, why did a history student have to take mathematics. And educators as well began to question why a Bachelor Degree program had to be 4 years. Eventually, in 2012, the United States Department of Education called for the abolishment of “seat time” as a factor used for college accreditation and called for revisions in the accreditation process, stating: “that emphasis should be given “to schools that organize around competence rather than seat time…[and schools that provide] more flexible scheduling that fits a student’s individual needs rather than on traditional academic periods and lockstep curriculum pacing”.

Well, that did not go over well. After all, accreditation is Big Business, some colleges paying millions of dollars in the accreditation process which is billed by how many students are enrolled! And the colleges themselves did not want their incomes affected by shortened Bachelor degree programs.  Plus what to do with all those faculty if general education courses were no longer required?

So, nothing happened. But while no specific change in seat time occurred, many colleges have slowly abandoned the usual general education requirements, and replaced these with modified approaches.

(4) Requirements for Foreign Education
to be Deemed Equivalent to U.S.

Blue Marble University is organized in the Commonwealth of Dominica. Like all foreign education sought to be used in the US, foreign degrees are accepted if found to be “equivalent” to a US college by a foreign education credentials evaluator. All Blue Marble University degrees have been to date found to be equivalent to a regionally accredited US college or university.

As a foreign institution, we would like our graduates to be able to use our degrees for employment and other purposes. We would like our graduates to be able to obtain a Certificate of Equivalency to a US college or university.

Hence, although we have roundly criticized “seat time” in the past, and believe that a 4 year Bachelor Degree program is too long, we launched our fast track undergraduate programs to be completed in 2 years-8 months, rather than the usual 4 year period. Our programs still contain the required 120 credits. This way, we can  ensure that the education completed at Blue Marble University can be effectively used for employment and otherwise recognized as valid foreign education.

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(5) Assignment of Credits in the Blue Marble Curriculum

Blue Marble University computes course credits in accordance with the United States Code of Federal Regulations. You can read more details by clicking Here: How We Compute Course Credits At Blue Marble University

Because there is no break in our academic calendar and courses proceed continuously all year long with no holidays, it should be stressed that each of our three  terms per year encompasses 17 weeks of study, even though nearly all US university programs on a semester schedule are 15 weeks/semester. Consequently, our Three Semester Year Plan actually comprises the equivalent of 3 ordinary 15-week semester periods, and as noted in the above regulation, one of our 3 credit courses is the equivalent of a 3 credit course in a typical “semester” based program.

It is important to understand that our  program comprising 3 terms of 17  weeks each is not comparable to other so called “trimester” programs which are typically 10 weeks per term. Rather, Blue Marble University operates on the equivalent of 3 SEMESTERS per year.

(6) Non-Accredited, Yet Equivalent

Read about our Accreditation HERE:

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