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Walter P. Drake
1410 Parkview Circle, #101
Wilmington, NC 28405

Mobile: 910-228-0070

Resumé Summary

Research Scientist recently returned from Thailand after extended sabbatical, during which time the applicant studied stem cell biology.

Current Scientific Interests: Identification of in vivo serum stem cell growth factors that can be synthesized for use in therapy. Also very interested in the transdermal formulation of herbal biologicals as pharmaceuticals in the treatment of disease.

Instructor of online medical school courses in Medical Devices (concentrating on medical device regulation), Medical Insurance Billing and Coding, Medical Records Management (covering the relatively new electronic records requirements for hospitals and physicians), Pharmacology (Package insert, PDR, Merck Manual),

Knowledgeable in Clinical Trial registration, documentation, and reporting via the FDA clinical trials online reporting rules. Further knowledgeble in studies conducted under Institutional Review Board approval, patient-specific clinical trials, compassionate use, and off-label studies.

Lead author on over 30 biomedical papers in tumor immunology published in peer reviewed journals, most recent paper involving stem cell medicine: Comella, K. et al.,  “Safety Analysis of Autologous Stem Cell Therapy in a Variety of Degenerative Diseases and Injuries Using the Stromal Vascular Fraction”, J Clin Med Res, 2017: 935-942






Walter P. Drake, JD, PhD

Curriculum Vitae 2019

Research Scientist and Attorney

Citizenship: USA

Name: Walter Peter Drake

Address/Phone    1410 Parkview Circle #101
Wilmington, NC 28405

Cell Phone: 910-228-0070


Education: Bachelor Degree (B.A.), Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, Maryland) 1968

Masters Degree (M.A.), Molecular Biology, Johns Hopkins University 1971**

Doctor of Law (J.D.), University of Baltimore School of Law 1975

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Stem Cell Biology, Panama College of Cell Science 2013

**Education Note: Completed all course requirements for PhD degree within the

Dept. of Biology, Johns Hopkins University, including passing Comprehensive

Examination. However, after 1 year of laboratory research in microbiology toward a dissertation, left the program with a Masters Degree, in order to begin research at the National Cancer Institute

Law License: State of Maryland


        (A) Scientific Career: For the 5 years 1971-1975, I was employed  by the Baltimore Cancer Research Center, a division of the United States National Cancer Institute  in position of Research Chemist.  I  conducted scientific experiments in the fields of immunology and cancer biology, and am principle author of 29 biomedical research reports published in scientific journals. While  engaged in this work, I had supervisory control over up to 4 other scientists and interns, and I reported directly to the Chief, Section of Immunology  and Cell Biology.  A Bibliography of my publications is attached, and may also be found on the internet at Google Scholar:,5, enter: “Drake, WP” with quotation marks.

       My first report, Drake WP et al “Preservation of Cellular Antigenicity in Tumor Cells By the Use of Formalin Fixation”, Cancer Research 32:1042-1044 (1972), showed that formalin treated tumor cells could elicit a strong immune response measured by the development of antibody to the cells when injected into a mouse. Over the years, this study has been cited many times by other scientists. In  2003, this report was cited as the basis to make a patient vaccine by treating a patient’s tumor cells with formalin and injecting into the patient with beneficial results. Pizza G, et al, “Allogeneic Gene-Modified Tumour Cells in Metastatic Kidney Cancer: Preliminary Report”, Folio Biological (Praha) 49: 147-159 (2003).

       Other highlights include the selection as former Peer Review Scientist for the Journals: Journal of Histology and Cell Biology; Biomedicine.

       (B) Legal Career (State of Maryland, USA, 1976-2001): In 1976, having obtained a law degree from an evening program while working as a scientist, I began my law career.  I trained on and eventually handled medical malpractice and severe injury trials; and also represented companies involved in medical matters such as  Immunodiagnostics and Immunotherapeutics Inc., a company engaged in allergy control and clinical research; 1985-1990 Attorney for Clinica Corporation, a development stage company founded to develop cancer screening tests. In 1988, I successfully filed a Prospectus with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to register Maridel Motors Inc. for an initial public stock offering (IPO). Current working knowledge of federal and state securities regulations.

          (C)  Academic Research and Educational Activities  (2001-Present): 

Founder, Drake Biomedical Institute, 2001

After coming to Phuket, Thailand on a sabbatical of unspecified duration, I saw a report  of the curing of blindness in a Thai patient by the use of stem cells. This was a new area of medicine that excited me, and shortly thereafter I founded the Drake Biomedical Institute, a private research institute, to engage in research and education relating to stem cell treatments available internationally.. Organized in the USA, the Institute engaged in core educational services, with the current interest being the formulation of transdermal preparations of herbal biologicals for use in therapy.

Founder, Panama College of Cell Science, 2005

The Panama College of Cell Science was organized in 2005 to train clinicians, and other students interested in the biologicial sciences, concerning the new advances being developed worldwide for adult stem cell treatments. Previous to 2005, there were no training programs in adult stem cells nor any interest in the reasearch community in adult stem cells, almost 99% of research efforts concentrated on Embryonic Stem Cells at that time. Because it was clear that Embryonic Stem Cells could never be used in therapy and to satisfy a void in training in Adult Stem Cell therapies (primarily those stem cells collected from patients themselves), the Panama College of Cell Science was established to train students in this “New Medicine”. In connection with the Panama College of Cell Science, I currently serve as Director and part-time Instructor, and played a major role in the curriculum design and selection of instructional technology for the program. In 2017, along with other talented colleagues, I was co-author of the first safety analysis research report published in the United States: Comella,K et al, “Safety Analysis of Autologous Stem Cell Therapy in a Variety of Degenerative Diseases and Injuries Using the Stromal Vascular Fraction”. J Clin Med Res 2017: 9(11): 935-942.

Special Instructor, Blue Marble University Medical School, 2010-Present

Part-time Instructor in Autologous Stem Cell Therapy, Medical Devices, Hospital Management, Research-Basic and Clinical, and Pharmacology, for Blue Marble University Medical School, an online medical school offering an Excutive type M.D. degree for non-clinical careers.

Biomedical Publications


Walter P. Drake

       1. Drake WP, Ungaro PC, and Mardiney MR Jr.: Preservation of Cellular Antigenicity of Tumor Cells by the Use of Formalin Fixation. Cancer Research 32:1042-1044, 1972.

       2. Markham RV, Sutherland TC, Cimino EF, Drake WP, and Mardiney MR Jr.: Immune Complexes Localized in the Renal Glomeruli of AKR Mice: The Presence of MuLV gs-1 and C-Type RNA Tumor Virus gs-3 Determinants. European Journal of Clinical and Biological Research 17(7):11-15, 1972.

       3. Ungaro PC, Drake WP, Buchholz DH, and Mardiney MR Jr: Alteration of Specificity of AntiTumor Antisera by the Use of Passively Administered Antibody. Cancer Research 32:1521-1525, 1972.

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       30. Drake WP: Use of Formalin to Create Cellular Environments for Stem Cell Differentiation. Letter to Michael R. Mardiney Jr. MD, September 23, 2007.  Published online by Drake Biomedical Institute ( at: and available here:

       31. Comella K., Parlo M, Daly R, Depasquale V, Edgerton E, Mallory P, Schmidt R, Drake WP: Safety Analysis of Autologous Stem Cell Therapy in a Variety of Degenerative Diseases and Injuries Using the Stromal Vascular Fraction. J Clin Med Res 2017: 9(11): 935-942 [doi:

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