Degree Programs

This page contains a list of our degree programs in alphabetical order by field of endeavor.

All of our programs are offered solely via Distance Education, and can be completed entirely online.

For another  list of degrees grouped by level of degree, please see “List of Degrees Offered” under  the “About” section above.

      Digital Portfolio: Every student in almost every program (except Doctor of Medicine) must develop a digital portfolio and internet presence, with the guidance of his/her Instructor/Mentor. The more complex the program, the more detailed and involved the digital portfolio should be. Your Digital Portfolio will begin to create your online reputation and will showcase what you have done and what you can do. Your online identity is your online resume and your online portfolio.

List of Departments and Degree Programs

1   Biology

2   Biomedical Engineering

3   Business Sciences

4   Chemical Engineering

5   Chinese Language

6   Computer Science
B.S. Computer Science
D.Sc. Computer Science

7   Creative Arts and Sciences
Dissertation-Only PhD
8   Education-Instructional Technology
D.Sc. Instructional Technology

9   Humanities
Ph.D. Critical Thinking
B.A./M.A. Worlds of Kings and Gods

10 Law
B.A./J.D. Law
J.D. Law
11 Medicine
M.D. Medicine

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