List of Degrees Offered

 All of our programs are offered solely via Distance Education, and can be completed entirely online.  100% Online!!

This is a list of all of our degrees  grouped by level of degree. For a list of degrees  grouped by Department, please click on “Degrees”  in the above navigation bar.

(I) Doctoral Degrees (Doctor of Science, Doctor of Medicine,  and Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Law)
All Are Three Year Online Programs

Alternative Medicine: Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (ND)

Biology:  Ph.D. Stem Cell Biology [Administered by Panama College of Cell Science].

Biology:  D.Sc. Applied Biology

Biomedical Engineering:  D.Sc. Biomedical Engineering

Chemical Engineering:  D.Sc. Chemical Engineering

Computer Science:  D.Sc. Computer Science

Dissertation Only Ph.D. Creative Arts and Sciences PhD (2 year program)

Education: D.Sc. Instructional Design and Technology

Humanities:  Ph.D. Humanities- Critical Thinking

Humanities:  PhD Humanities- Worlds

LawJ.D. Doctor of Law

Medicine: Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Petroleum Engineering: D.Sc. Petroleum Engineering

Pharmaceutical Science: Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Science

Public Health: 


(II) Fast Track Combination Bachelor/Doctoral Degrees You Can Enter Right From High School

High School Graduates, Homeschoolers, and those seeking advance placement: We offer combination Bachelors/Doctors Degree programs you can start right after high school.

5 year programs, 2 years introductory/preparatory education comparable to a BA, with 3 years of graduate level courses and dissertation.

Graduates are awarded a combination Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Science (B.S./D.Sc.) degree after completing our five year program in any of the following:

(1) Biology: Stem Cell Science B.S./Ph.D. Stem Cell Biology

(2) Biology: Applied Biology B.S./D.Sc. Applied Biology

(3) Biomedical Engineering B.S./D.Sc. Biomedical Engineering:

(4) Chemical Engineering B.S./D.Sc. Chemical Engineering

(5) Industrial Technology: Engineering without the Math: 5 year combined BBS/MBS/PhD:
[Note: This program is listed both under Business Management; and also under Industrial Technology]

(6) Law, (4 year)B.A./J.D. Law

(7) Medicine (for non-clinical practitioners): B.S./M.D. Doctor of Medicine

(8) Natural Medicine: B.S./N.D. Doctor of Naturopathy

(9) Pharmaceutical Science: B.S./Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Science, Only doctoral curriculum shown

(10) Any Program-We can craft anything for you that is not shown here, in any field of study. If you are a High School graduate, Home Schooler or other non-traditional student, please write us about the 5-year fast track program you would like for yourself which is not listed above.

(III) Undergraduate and Master’s Degrees
for High School Graduates and Home Schoolers

Blue Marble University does not offer any stand-alone Bachelor degrees except for our 3-year B.S. in Computer Science.  We don’t believe in them. The US Department of Education has called for the abolition of “seat time”, the outmoded requirement that an undergraduate degree should be 4 years, which generally includes 50% of filler courses irrelevant to the student’s interests. Yet, these worthless degree programs continue to be offered elsewhere.

In addition to the 5-year doctoral programs named above, Blue Marble University offers  Masters Degrees in combination with Bachelor degrees that take the same or less time than the traditional 4-year bachelor degree:

B.S. Computer Science (3-year program)

Business Management/Industrial Technology (4 Years): Combined B.S./M.S. degrees 

Business Management (4 Years): Combined Bachelor of Business Science/Master of Business Science (BS/MBS)

The China Program: (Estimated Completion Time 2-4 years) M.S. Chinese Language Arts. This program is open to anyone, and features Chinese language study coupled with business courses and Chinese culture courses. High School graduates who complete the program are issued a B.S./M.S. in Chinese Language Arts. The China Program

Humanities-Worlds of Kings and Gods (3-year program):  B.A./M.A. Humanities– Worlds of Kings and Gods

Public Health Masters Degree:

The Blue Marble University 
Undergraduate Program

(Bachelor of Science, B.S.; and Bachelor of Engineering, B.Eng. Online Degrees). 100% Online Undergraduate Degrees Equivalent to U.S. Style Education: 

For more information concerning our academic programs and methods of learning, please click on “Academics” above.

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