How To Apply and Enroll In Blue Marble University
(There is Never Any Cost to Apply For Admission)

New Rolling Admissions…Apply Anytime!!

Blue Marble University has just launched it’s new Rolling Admissions! 

Start Dates (and cut-off times)

 We operate on a trimester schedule and therefore have three Start Dates:

January 1 (for students that have applied, been accepted, and paid a tuition payment by November 30)

May 1 (for students that have applied, been accepted, and paid a tuition payment by March 30) 

September 1 (for students that have applied, been accepted, and paid a tuition payment by July 30)

This section will tell you how you can apply for admission to Blue Marble University . You can complete every program we offer entirely from your home or office at a reasonable cost.

In this section, you will learn:

(A) How to Apply
(B) How to Pay
(C) How Your Evaluation is Conducted
(D) What to do After Acceptance

We Have Three Application Procedures, General Application Procedure for Most Applicants;  and Special Application Procedure for Homeschoolers, Alternative Education Students, and Advance Placement Students Seeking Early Admission, and Other Non-Traditional Students; Stem Cell Biology PhD Program,  for applicants to the doctoral program in stem cell biology administered by the Panama College of Cell Science. Please go to the one that is appropriate for you by CLICKING on the link and complete the process described. You should print out the application procedure and requirements so that you can study them carefully and present yourself appropriately.

For Most Applicants (High School Graduates and Those with Undergraduate or Advanced Degrees)


Home School Applicants, Alternative Education Applicants, and Advance Placement Applicants (Early Admission Applicants), and Other Non-Traditional Students


Application to This Program Is made Directly to the
Panama College of Cell Science

For each type of Application, your Application Package must be fully complete as we will not accept a piecemeal approach. Because we have an informal application procedure, your entire presentation of your application package, in terms of organization, completeness, presentation style, and factual material presented, are all considered in determining whether to grant admission.

Any documents submitted MUST BE IN PDF FORMAT ONLY, and if not, your application will not be acknowledged. Except for Email text, all material must be in pdf form, the international standard for documents, and “.doc” documents are not acceptable at any time.

Please direct any questions to:


Come join us for a rewarding and beneficial educational experience!

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