Online Business and Entrepreneurship

We offer two undergraduate programs:  

A.B.S. (Associate of Business Science) Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation:  This is a 2 year, Associate of Business Science (A.B.S.) program teaching bookkeeping, basic accounting, and tax preparation. Graduates of the program can start their own bookkeeping and tax preparation business, work for corporate accounting offices, or become employed by the government and other tax preparation services.

B.B.S. Bachelor of Business Science in Entrepreneurship  (3 year Program). This program teaches entrepreneurship, how to start a business, how to buy and sell a business, how to read company financial reports, essential bookkeeping,  basic tax preparation, computation of employee related taxes, types of business structures, small business start-up funding, and the sale of securities. There are no humanities courses mixed in with this program, no second language requirements and the like…all business science. This course will train you to start, run and manage your own business….or help someone else manage theirs. This is an exciting course that features  exercises in real business.

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