Online Chinese Language Masters Degree

Master of Science (M.S.) in Chinese Language

The China Program

A totally online program that can be completed in 2-4 years

Open to anyone with either a Bachelors Degree in any subject area, as well as to High School graduates.

Special Note by Dr. Walter P. Drake, Director, Blue Marble University:

“When we talk about modern careers, what is hot, what will earn you a good living, learning the Chinese language might be the top proficiency you can have. I know that learning Chinese is not for every one. Me too, I don’t know one word of it. Most students want to do what everyone else is doing. But I guaranty you this: If you can learn the Chinese language, you won’t EVER have to “look for a job”. You can just point to where you want to work and for whom. And that includes every State and Federal government agency, not to mention the largest and fanciest international corporations based in the USA and overseas.”

About our program: This course is not about accreditation, seat time, or credits…it is about achieving proficiency, in this case a certain fluency, in speaking and reading Chinese. The program presents a framework for study of the Chinese language. Because graduates are most likely to operate in the business world or be employed by government, we incorporate into the program some introductory business courses as well as some courses in Chinese history and culture.  High School students that complete this program successfully will be awarded a combination Bachelor of Science/Master of Science in Chinese Language and Culture. Our lead instructors and mentors tell us that proficiency in the Chinese language can be achieved in two to four years, with best result if four years is budgeted.

There is no time period for the completion of our program. When proficiency is reached, which is estimated at 2-4 years depending on the student and the effort made and time devoted to studies, our degree is awarded.

Admission requirements: Admission is generally open to anyone with either a Bachelors Degree in any subject area, as well as to High School graduates showing exceptional aptitude for language or writing or comparable skills of the sort that would lead to success in this program.

Structure of the Program: The program is not divided into courses. Under the guidance of our Chinese studies instructor, the student will be taken on a path toward speaking and reading the Chinese language. Far from a dry presentation of language principles, substantial usage is made of video presentations. The student can watch someone actually speaking Chinese, and begin to copy tones and phrases. The alphabet and reading is also explored. Writing is left for last and is optional. Writing the chinese characters takes time, and we have decided that for fluency in the Chinese language, writing chinese characters is not essential when keyboards with chinese characters are readily available. Learning to write chinese characters by hand, in our view, is not necessary to proficiency in the language and takes precious time away from the study of speaking and reading. Writing is what keyboards are for… Many chinese language programs fail because they start with writing, instead of ending with it.

The pace of study is up to the student, and achievement and proficiency is demonstrated by direct verbal contact with the Instructor. Business and Chinese culture materials are left to the end after the student has demonstrated progress in language skills. No point to take time away from learning the language by unnecessary incorporation of the additional material early on.

The goal of the course is to give students the language skills necessary to represent a company doing business in China, or to assist various governmental agencies as translator.

Here, Alan W. Abrams, Senior Instructor in Chinese language, discusses the importance of recitation in his paper entitled: Expediting the Mastering of Chinese: A Study of Recitation for the Acquisition of Mandarin Chinese (you may scroll or download, and feel free to click the icon in the bottom right for full screen):


Here is a sample lecture of the kinds that are used in our program. We try to rely heavily on video language tools.

We offer a totally online program that can be completed in 2-4 years. Open to anyone, including those with a Bachelors Degree in any subject area, High School graduates, or just people that want to learn. Learn Chinese and you will ALWAYS have a job, and a very lucrative one as well.

Although certainly anyone can learn chinese language and access the same video sources as we use, the advantage of our program is that you receive a Masters Degree in Chinese Language as well, and at a very affordable tuition.

Please Click Here for the printable Chart describing the program, Admission requirements, and Structure.

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