Online Computer Science Bachelor and Doctor Degrees

B.S. Computer Science (3 year program): In constructing our program, we started out by selecting courses that provide a good computer science foundation for students that may be new to this field. Then we added courses applicable to growing industries such as health care, and skills in demand such as security and data base management. Finally, we topped off the program with hot courses in Mobile Computing, Virtual Worlds, and Video Gaming Design and Development. If you find a better program than this, that you can complete online in 3 years, take it instead!!!

D.Sc. Computer Science (3 year online program)  A Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) degree is the international standard, and is equivalent to a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree. Our doctoral program in Computer Science is constantly evolving to ensure that we are at the cutting edge of all new technologies. We cover the hot areas of video gaming, virtual worlds, programming for mobile devices, and 3D Immersion Technology used in the entertainment industry. We stress academic scholarship and thinking outside of the box. We encourage both Directed Research and Independent Research. Our standing Directed Research project relates to the batch preparation of human stem cells and the computer controlled imaging mechanisms for cell counting and separation. Independent dissertation topics are left up to the student with the guidance and consent of supervising faculty. Every student must also create an Online Portfolio, being a digital presentation published on the internet which summarizes the students achievements, education, research interests, publications, and other interests.

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