Online Humanities Doctoral Degrees in World History and Critical Thinking

We at Blue Marble University are excited to be at the forefront of support for the Humanities and to be able to offer affordable degree programs in humanities and liberal arts at both the undergraduate and graduate level. As Dr. Bruce Janz, Chair, Department of Philosophy at the University of Central Florida has so eloquently stated: “The humanities today are not the humanities of the past. The image that many people have is of a pursuit that has no relation to practical human concerns. The fact is, humanities disciplines are involved in research projects of all sorts, with just about every discipline in the university. Philosophers work with scientists and engineers, historians work with medical professionals, creative writers work with digital media engineers. The fact is, every technical and scientific discipline, at some point or other, must also become a humanities discipline. Every scientific advance is an advance for humans, and is meaningful in our history, for the betterment of our lives. Every invention happens within the context of human meaning. Every business trades on human narratives and human desires as expressed through language and symbol. The humanities matter everywhere. Far from being marginal, they are central to all human life. They’re that important.”

And consider this about Steve Jobs (Apple Computer): In the world of invention and innovation, that means combining an appreciation of the humanities with an understanding of science — connecting artistry to technology, poetry to processors. This was Mr. Jobs’s specialty. “I always thought of myself as a humanities person as a kid, but I liked electronics,” he said. “Then I read something that one of my heroes, Edwin Land of Polaroid, said about the importance of people who could stand at the intersection of humanities and sciences, and I decided that’s what I wanted to do.”’ From Walter Isaacson, The Genius of Jobs, NY Times, Oct. 29, 2012. 

See also the closely related Dissertation-Only PhD program in Creative Arts and Sciences.


We are very proud to present to you the very finest online doctoral program in Humanities that exists today. Designed by award winning educator David Brottman PhD, we requested him to take a blank sheet, and without any constraints put upon him whatsoever by any traditional thinking, to design a masterpiece program for Blue Marble University in the Humanities.

We asked…and he delivered… an outstanding program. The fruit of his labor is now our three year online humanities doctoral curriculum with course descriptions, undeniably a power packed and scholarly program designed around themes rather than historical periodicity, although historical structure is built into each course.

Click on the below links for more information on our programs:

Ph.D. Humanities- Critical Thinking: 3 year online program

B.A./M.A. Humanities– Worlds of Kings and Gods: 3 year Online Program


PhD Humanities- Worlds– 3 Year online program leading to: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Humanities: Worlds

Our doctoral degree program in world history is our second doctoral program. We present the history based story of civilization. Join us on expeditions to find the soul of the humanities. This is an Instructor-led self learning program in which we use the massive eleven volume work of Wil and Ariel Durant “The Story of Civilization” as the foundation and outline for our learning.

Click the above link for more information, admission requirements, and curriculum for our 3 year online doctoral degree in Humanities/History, which we named “Worlds”.

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