Self-Paced Doctoral Programs

At Blue Marble University, we are always looking for new ways to be innovative.

We are pleased to offer essentially every one of our degree programs as a self-paced program. Consequently, you may enroll in our self-paced doctoral programs and other self-based degree programs.

What is a Self Paced degree program at Blue Marble University?  It is a program in which the course curriculum is completed by the student at his/her own pace, with no exams to be turned in at a specified time. It is designed for those students, particularly working adults, that are concerned they do not have the time needed to handle a schedule based program which would include examinations to be completed by certain times. These students believe that they can complete the studies required for a program on their own schedule, allocating more or less time per week as their other duties and responsibilities allow.

How it works:

1. Students work on one course at a time, instead of the usual three, and upon completion move on to the next course in the program.

2. Work on your own schedule: Instead of our customary trimester schedule which involves taking 3 courses over every 4 month period, students are given a list of courses and materials for each year and work on their own schedule to complete their studies. If students cannot complete the typical 9 courses per year, additional time can be allotted.

3. Standard Course Syllabus is followed. Students will receive the same Syllabus as in our standard courses, containing a list of texts and additional study materials.

4. No exams. There are no exams per se. Students must demonstrate that they have acquired competency in the subject matter by preparing papers and answering questions pertinent to the material presented. The papers and questions are designed to (A) demonstrate that the student has studied the required material, an (B) to show that the student can discuss and comment upon the material in an intelligent and meaningful way. There are no time limits for the completion of papers and questions, the only requirement being that the student must finish before moving on to the next course.

5. Suggested Calendar: Instead of a Calendar of Required Studies and Exam Schedule, which is used for all of our standard degree programs, a Suggested Calendar of Required Study is given. The purpose of the Suggested Calendar is to present what  should be covered in a weekly period, although it is not required to be followed. After all, we want you to finish and leave with your degree eventually, so we would like to see our self-paced students progressing. The Calendar also describes what portions of texts should be studied, what additional videos and other resources need to be covered.

6. Monthly progress reports required: While our self-paced programs can be completed at your own pace, we would like to see progress being made, and therefore students are required to report monthly to their advisor with their achievements.

Cost: You can find our tuition costs on our tuition page:

Because we do not bill by the credit, but annually, it is to your advantage to proceed as steadily as you can toward completion of your program. In all cases, no more than 5 years will be permitted for the completion of any program.

Admission Requirements: These are the same as for our standard programs, please consult the information about our degree programs shown on our website, or make inquiry to the Admissions Department.

Grading Policy: Our grading philosophy is clearly presented on our main website at:

Transcript and Degree. Academic records in the usual form for colleges and universities are maintained in digital form and permanently posted to the internet using password protected pages. Additional information about transcripts can be found by clicking on “Transcripts” in the above navigation bar. Upon completion of studies the student is awarded a Diploma:

Application: Please click on the Apply button in the above navigation bar, select the appropriate form,  and follow the instructions given. Also note the cut-off times for application and payment of first tuition. Although your program will be self-paced, all new students are only enrolled at one of the three start dates shown. This is because we will construct a private student portal for you, and that must be done by tech staff following a certain schedule. Please note to Admissions that you are applying for a self-paced program.

Examples of Self-Paced Degree Programs (not every program listed, please refer to “Degree Programs” in the navigation bar for a complete list of degrees grouped by subject):

Doctoral degrees in Stem Cell Biology, Applied Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Law, Medicine, Education-Instructional Technology, Humanities-Critical Thinking, Humanities-Worlds;

As well as our combination 5 year Bachelors/Doctoral programs in the above fields.

Please Note: We strongly recommend that all students enroll in our regular programs and forego a self-paced format. A self-paced doctoral program should only be undertaken by the most self-disciplined of students. While “self-paced” may sound really good, most students will benefit from having a regular schedule of studies to adhere to, and having Instructor input, which ultimately will aid toward the timely completion of a program. Too may times students lose themselves in a self-paced program, but we offer that format to meet the needs of those that require it for some reason.

If after reading and studying the above you have any questions, please contact the admissions section which will be happy to help you: