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Blue Marble University is a virtual university offering distance education programs at a very affordable cost…so affordable, you won’t need any student loans. Are we accredited? No, and we don’t have to be. Even the United States Department of Education agrees, stating in their December 2018 report “Rethinking higher Education-Accreditation Reform”:

“Postsecondary accreditation is a voluntary process in that a college or university need not be accredited in order to provide instruction or confer academic degrees”. [Reference at Page 1: US Dept of Education 2018:Rethinking Higher Education: Accreditation Reform]

Moreover, the concept of “accreditation” is applicable only to US colleges and universities and does not apply to international educational institutions, such as Blue Marble University.

In addition,  virtual universities such as ours do not qualify for “accreditation”.  Much of “higher education” in the USA appears to be opposed to budget style offerings of good education at the reduced price internet technology can provide.

Because many employers, corporations, government agencies, and other entities conduct their own in-house evaluations of foreign education credentials, it would be helpful to you, the applicant, to provide your Curriculum, Official Academic Record, and a copy of Degree from Blue Marble University as part of your application package. Encourage the employer to browse our website for further information about your degree program. The more information an employer has, the better chances you have to be accepted for a position.

It is nonsense for you to be told or for you to believe that in furthering your education, you must only consider US accredited schools or colleges. That is very “old school”. This is an institutionalized propaganda that has been developed by powerful status quo forces over the last 10-15 years. Websites that pretend to give guidance on educational programs have been largely created by the consortium of institutions they recommend! Are any alternative or non-traditional education institutions ever mentioned or reviewed?? Never.  If you want to really see what modern education looks like, head over to Khan Academy whose mission is to provide free world class education for anyone, anywhere and which has a great motto: “You Only have to Know One Thing: You Can Learn Anything”

Traditional Accreditation is not applicable to online universities according to the United States Department of Education:

2012 (November): US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said this of online colleges, “The existing accreditation system was not designed to accommodate them and it would be a mistake to try to bend or warp its mission to do so. It can’t be done.” He believes that a new federal regulatory system needs to be designed to deal with online and for-profit colleges rather than trying to apply outmoded traditional accreditation guidelines to them.” Read More HERE

Equivalency of Our Doctoral Programs to Regionally Accredited US Colleges and Universities

Our doctoral degrees, as most foreign education degrees, are accepted in the USA as being equivalent to a regionally accredited USA college or university, as determined by a professional foreign credentials evaluation service. We are “equivalent” because all of our doctoral degrees are comprised of a minimum 72 trimester credit hours, the minimum required in the USA. If you were to attend a university overseas, it would not be “accredited”. Yet many people with overseas education use that education in the USA. They have their degrees approved as equivalent to a regionally accredited USA college or university by one of the many foreign education credential evaluation services.

Because all of our doctoral programs require a minimum of 72 trimester credits of study, they are equivalent to the minimum requirements for a regionally accredited USA college or university doctoral degree.  Therefore, graduates of our doctoral programs are qualified for most state and federal jobs based on our degree being equivalent to a USA doctoral degree. Graduates can if needed and for a nominal fee,  receive a certificate from various foreign credential evaluators to the effect that the doctoral degree issued by Blue Marble University is equivalent to a doctoral degree issued by a regionally accredited USA college or university.

After exhaustive study, we are very comfortable skipping the US accreditation process ENTIRELY. In the entire history of US accreditation, only one wholly online college has been accredited (Jones University), and the howls and complaints that came down from the towers of academia have made it pretty clear that no further accreditations for purely online colleges will ever occur again.

Being a foreign educational institution whose degrees are accepted for employment in the US based on equivalency with accredited colleges and universities as determined by a foreign credential evaluation service is the way for us to go.

Attending an “Accredited Institution” Costs You Up To $2500 Extra Per Year!

Accreditation is a Big Business, make no mistake.  Just try to find out what an application for accreditation costs. You won’t find it. They are well-kept secrets. Not only are the application costs outrageous and based on the number of students an institution has (the more students, the more an institution pays), but a large team of attorneys, education consultants, accountants and other experts are needed to help with the application package.  Although difficult to piece together, it has been estimated that you, the student, are charged at least $2500/year (included in your tuition) for attending an accredited college or university.  Here, at Blue Marble, we charge only a bit more for your entire tuition!! Which includes ALL textbooks and learning materials as well!!!

The only value to attending an accredited institution is that you will qualify for federal loan programs which you will need to pay for it!! Only “accredited” institutions qualify for USA student loans. This is totally irrelevant to Blue Marble University, which charges as low as $2700/yr for a doctoral program…you don’t need a student loan…and we even offer a no interest payment plan.

Read more about Why Accreditation is Irrelevant to Alternative Education offered by Blue Marble University:


We have decided that we no longer have any interest in trying to be a part of the Old Educational Establishment. Nor do we have any interest in acquiring accreditation from one of the many fake accreditors just so we can pretend to be part of the old system. We rather be part of the new, vibrant, and innovative parallel education system which is rapidly developing. This new universe of education is sometimes referred to as “alternative education”, sometimes as  “non-traditional education”.

Of course, whether or not your prospective employer accepts your credentials depends on many factors. It is convenient to assert: “Your degree is from an online college”. However, most employers now understand and see the value in alternative, non-traditional education, and if they feel you can contribute to their operation and success, you will be hired. They realize that it is the body of work and dissertation completed by a student in a program that is important and not so much whether a program is “accredited”.