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Application Check List for How To Apply to
Our Undergraduate (Bachelor Degree) Programs

For High School Graduates, Home School Applicants, Alternative Education Applicants, and Other Non-Traditional Students


Homeschoolers  and students that have followed alternative education pathways, as well as students seeking advance placement or early admission are welcome.

Homeschoolers are students that have followed one or more homeschool formats. We recognize that there are many different home school regimens that students may follow, and many have used different formats along the way. Some may have documentation from the curriculum and text provider, or school district, some may have followed their own course of study without being affiliated with any homeschool provider.  It is not necessary to provide a high school diploma or certificate of completion of a home school program unless you have one to show us. A high school diploma or certificate of completion is not required.

Alternative Education Students and other non-traditional students may have followed altogether different educational pathways, and may not have even followed a homeschool curriculum, or in fact any curriculum. They may have followed their own interests and studied what was important to them. Such students are likely to have no “paperwork” whatsoever.

Advance Placement Applicants are students seeking early admission to either our Bachelors Degree programs, combination Bachelor/Master Degree programs, or combination Bachelor/Doctoral degree programs. Such students are those who have generally completed the USA Tenth Grade in a regular school or have attained what might be considered equivalent education via home schooling or via alternative education formats. Such applicants must be 16 years old or greater.

 General Instructions

(A) Although we have a rather informal application procedure, the burden is on the applicant to demonstrate or describe in what respects he/she is prepared to meet the challenge of the selected program. We strive for everyone to be successful and consequently, we need applicants who have the necessary skills to succeed in the selected program.

(B) Obviously, different programs require different skill sets. For our science and technical programs, math aptitude and training should be described, as well as writing ability, and science studies. On the other hand, for our Humanities programs, reading and writing skills should be emphasized and described.

(C) Computer skills are necessary, especially since this a virtual university. You should be comfortable with internet searching, email procedures, and downloading procedures. Your equipment (hardware and software) should allow use of one or more of he latest web browsers, although, one is free to use internet cafes, local libraries, or local colleges which usually have such equipment available for anyone to use.

(D) Stand alone Doctoral Programs are not open to the above applicants.  If you are seeking a doctoral degree, you must select a combined Bachelor Degree/Doctoral Degree program.

(E) Your Application Package must be fully complete as we will not accept a piecemeal approach. Because we have an informal application procedure, your entire presentation of your application package, in terms of organization, completeness, presentation style, and factual material presented, are all considered in determining whether to grant admission.

(F) Any documents submitted MUST BE IN PDF FORMAT ONLY, and if not, your application will not be acknowledged. Except for Email text, all material must be in pdf form, the international standard for documents, and “.doc” documents are not acceptable at any time.

 Specific Application Instructions 

 (A) This is Your Checklist for a Complete Application. Please E-mail These Items as an Application Package:

_____(1) Cover Letter: Submit a Cover Letter as an email or as a pdf attachment containing the following information:

a. Please state what program you are applying for.

b. Contact Information including:

Full legal name
Mailing address
Country of Residence
e-mail address

c. Date of Birth:  It is essential that you supply your date of birth in the format: mm/dd/yyyy. Your date of birth is used as your password for accessing your transcript and education record, which is permanently maintained online and accessible to you, or to anyone such as an employer, you choose to give your password, at any time at no charge. We do not discriminate whatsoever regarding age, but our Board determined that in setting up the permanent online records procedure and database, that your date of birth would be the best password for students to use. This will be your permanent password and CANNOT be changed. So please provide the date of birth that corresponds to your other legal records so that YOU can remember it.

d. Citizenship: Please state your citizenship

e. Education: Please describe fully your educational background. The more information you can give us, the better able we are to consider you for admission. If you have attended any formal education classes, please describe fully. If you attended a college or university but did not complete the program, please summarize the level of studies achieved.

f. Special Additional Training or Experience: Please summarize any special training, work experience, or other education or activities you believe are relevant to being successful in your selected program.

g. Internet Connection: Please summarize the availability to you of a high speed internet connection, broadband not required, but at least ADSL or DSL needed. Please also describe the availability to you of computer hardware and software that permits use of one or more of the latest web browsers.

_____(2)  Proof of Who You Are and Your Age: Please supply a copy of your Birth Certificate, Passport or other Evidence of Identity and Age. You must prove that you are at least 16 years or older.

_____(3) Photo: Unless included in a photo ID for Item #2 above, please supply your photo (head shot, passport type photo acceptable).

_____(4) Copies of Academic Records:   Please supply copies of any records you may have which evidence the course of study you have pursued or which evidence any advance placement courses you may have completed. This would be your Diploma if you have one. Homeschoolers and alternative education students may or may not have much in this category, but send what you can. If you are registered for homeschooling, please send those documents.  You must scan your records and convert to pdf before sending to us. This will be a good exercise to test whether you meet the technology requirements of our programs.

_____(5)  Additional Supporting Documents:  Please add any other documents, previous academic examples, or independent work you would like us to consider, pdf format only, or other media.  You must scan your appropriate items  and convert to pdf before sending to us. Media not relevant to pdf such a sound files or video may be forwarded in any way convenient to you, including providing links to online video.

Submit your completed application to:



We operate on an annual 3 Full Term schedule and therefore have three Start Dates:

January 1:
For students that have applied, been accepted, and paid a tuition payment by November 30

May 1: 
For students that have applied, been accepted, and paid a tuition payment by March 30 

September 1 
For students that have applied, been accepted, and paid a tuition payment by July 30


When your Application Documents are received, we may contact you for further information. We will then consider your Application,

a. to determine, based on your submissions, whether we feel you will be able to complete the program successfully
b. to determine, whether or not to issue an Acceptance Letter. If you receive a non-acceptance letter and you disagree, you will have the opportunity to comment on the reviewer’s concerns, in which case, if a satisfactory response is received, you will be accepted to the program.

We hope to complete all reviews within about 10 business days.


When you receive an Acceptance Letter, you will be told your trimester starting date. We estimate that 30 days is required for a student to organize his/her internet connection, to obtain applicable texts, and to arrange for tuition payment. Plus, the University needs time as well to assign available faculty to your courses, and also to assign you a Faculty Mentor.

In order to complete your application and enrollment process, please follow your Invoice instructions and pay the tuition  required.

Please direct any questions to:


Come join us for a rewarding and beneficial educational experience!

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