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Many of our programs require a dissertation, also known as a thesis,  to be completed. There are some exceptions, but first we will address the normal one year dissertation requirement.

Our philosophy about student dissertations is that their purpose is for the student to demonstrate a command of some portion of his/her field of endeavor and be able to write independently about it, or alternatively to conduct a useful literature review.

Dissertations should be completed in 1 year and should additionally be published. As we say many times, what good is a thesis that nobody every sees or reads? Nearly all of our students complete their dissertations within 1 year, and nearly all have been published or are in the publication process. One of our students in our stem cell program administered by Panama College of Cell Science, not only gained publication in a well known peer reviewed Journal, but also successfully “published” his thesis as a booklet on Amazon.com. You can find it there, titled: “Stem Cell Treatment for You in 2015: A Reference for Physicians, Patients, and a Review of International Stem Cell Treatment Centers” by searching “stem cell review” in the book section.  The link is also given here:


Dissertations Instructions?? We do not give you a 100 page thesis instruction manual as many institutions have developed. Rather, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the requirements for publication in one or more Journals  or other outlets in your field of endeavor. Now, of course, no trade journal is going to publish a 300 page thesis. Some of our students have generated scholarly studies, but have had to cut their work down to 20 pages or so to comply with various journal’s space limitations. And that is what we very much like to see, a published paper in a recognized journal.

We help you get published, too!!!! We just don’t tell you to do it. We are right there with you every step of the way, and we know how to get dissertations published!!! And wow, isn’t that a terrific thing to show a prospective employer…a published work.

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Now for some exceptions to the ordinary 1 year dissertation requirement discussed above.

Our write-up, entitled “Dissertation Inflammation”,  https://bluemarbleuniversity.com/2015/06/17/dissertation-inflammation/ gives further guidance to our philosophy and covers our three alternative pathways that might apply to you. Please click on the link and study it.

(1) No dissertation PhD, also referred to as a Ph.D. without dissertation: While not recommended, for students that are extremely fearful of the dissertation requirement, we will consider applications for our doctoral programs without a thesis requirement, if requested at time of application only. In this scenario, students are assigned additional course work and must complete an Online Portfolio to contain not only a resume of your course work, but also if appropriate, various items of independent work.  The idea is for you to create an online portfolio highlighting your achievements which can be presented to prospective employers or otherwise used by you in any fashion you wish. We believe that your creation of an Online Portfolio will give added substance to your achievements and be something you can continue to build on even after leaving our institution. The Online Portfolio is your digital resume, online identity, and online reputation.

(2) Two year Dissertation-only PhD, also referred to sometimes as a Ph.D. by dissertation with no course work, or online PhD by thesis only:

This is one of our most popular programs and is described here:


This program is designed for any field of endeavor, and is for students who are interested in a dissertation program that has a beginning and an end. We are set up for two years including completing the publication process with our help and guidance. This is a terrific program, particularly for those already holding a Masters Degree, to round out and complete one’s education without additional course work.

(3) Students that have completed all doctoral coursework elsewhere but could not complete their dissertation:  If you have completed your doctoral course work somewhere else but cannot get through the dissertation process, you can transfer all of your courses complete to Blue Marble University and complete your dissertation in 2 years under our Dissertation-only PhD program. Some applicants have already completed substantial work on their thesis, in which case, the time can be shortened in certain situations after review. We incorporate all of your courses into our transcript when issuing you our PhD degree.

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