Form, Text, and Issuance of Diploma

Our degrees are issued by Blue Marble University, upon the recommendation of the Faculty, and are in the usual form, and signed by appropriate Officers as per the following example text:


Blue Marble University Ltd.
Commonwealth of Dominica

This Diploma Makes Known That

Blue Marble University

On Nomination of the Faculty

Has admitted


To the degree of


In  e.g. Applied Biology

With all Honors, Rights, and Privileges to that Degree Appertaining

So Entered on this ________day of _____________, in the year 201_

In witness whereof the Seals of the University and the signature of its Officials hereunto affixed:


Signed :

Seal of Blue Marble University


As with most universities, the Degree form is beautifully created with full color Seal in the approximate size 8 x 10 inches, using various fancy font styles.  It is converted to the digital formats PDF and JPEG, and posted on the permanent records page for the student along with the student transcript. The Diploma (and transcript) is available for free at any time by accessing the permanent student record page with the appropriate password. In this way, an original of the Diploma is always available for printing in color by the student using a laser/inkjet printer or via a photo shop. In addition, it may be viewed or downloaded  independently by any employer or other interested person to whom the student has given the password. Free hard copy diplomas are not mailed, nor are available for mailing.


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