Dual Enrollment-Concurrent Enrollment

Dual Enrollment
Concurrent Enrollment

Enroll in our doctoral programs
while completing your undergraduate work elsewhere


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Blue Marble University now offers Dual Enrollment. What is Dual Enrollment? It means that students who are already working toward a Bachelor’s Degree elsewhere, can now enroll in any of our doctoral graduate programs at the SAME TIME.

Also called “Concurrent Enrollment”, the program allows undergraduate students at a different college or university to enroll in Blue Marble University Online PhD programs at the same time.

Since our PhD programs are 3 year online programs, it would be possible to graduate with your Bachelor Degree AND your PhD (or D.Sc.. M.D., J.D.) in the same 4 year period as a traditional college degree.

The Blue Marble University general Admission Requirements are here: https://bluemarbleuniversity.com/academics/admission-requirements/

For Blue Marble University doctoral degrees by Dual Enrollment, you will need to be enrolled elsewhere in a Bachelor Degree program, and we consider your eventual completion of that program as meeting our Admission requirements. Of course, you would need to complete your Bachelor Degree program and receive your Bachelor Degree before becoming eligible to be awarded our doctoral degree.

For example, if you are currently enrolled in any Bachelor of Science degree, you qualify for immediate admission to any of our bio-medical science doctoral programs like our Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (N.D.), Ph.D. in Stem Cell Biology, D.Sc. Chemical Engineering, D.Sc. Instructional Design and Technology, Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), or Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences. As our programs are 3 year programs, it is intended and therefore possible to receive your doctoral degree at the same time as you are awarded your Bachelor Degree from your undergraduate college or university.

Masters Degree students enrolled in any Masters Degree program elsewhere also qualify for Blue Marble University dual enrollement doctoral programs.

All Blue Marble University doctoral programs are open for dual enrollment, also known as Concurrent Enrollment, including:

Alternative Medicine: Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (ND)
Biology:  Ph.D. Stem Cell Biology
Biology:  D.Sc. Applied Biology
Biomedical Engineering:  D.Sc. Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering:  D.Sc. Chemical Engineering
Computer Science:  D.Sc. Computer Science
Dissertation Only Ph.D.  (2 year program)
Education: D.Sc. Instructional Design and Technology
Humanities:  Ph.D. Humanities- Critical Thinking
Humanities:  PhD Humanities- Worlds
Law: J.D. Doctor of Law
Medicine: Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Petroleum Engineering: D.Sc. Petroleum Engineering
Pharmaceutical Science: Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Science
Public Health: D.Sc. Public Health

Dual Enrollment at Blue Marble University is intended to allow you to obtain both a Bachelor Degree and Ph.D. degree at about the same time as it takes to complete a standard 4 year B.A. or B.S. undergraduate program. And since all of our doctoral programs are 100% online, you can be working on your doctoral degree at the same time as you are completing your on campus or off campus undergraduate program.

Get a head start on your life and you career with the Blue Marble University Dual Enrollment program!

In addition to our Dual enrollment program for current undergraduates, Blue Marble University also offers our 5 year Fast Track combination Bachelor/Doctoral online programs for high school graduates, homeschoolers, and non-traditional students. Our fast track 5 year combination B.S./Ph.D. programs are described here: https://bluemarbleuniversity.com/degrees-and-certificates-offered/

and Here: https://bluemarbleuniversity.com/2019/02/26/ph-d-degrees-for-high-school-students/

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