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Academic Programs-Overview

       Blue Marble University is a foreign educational institution. We operate as a virtual university and therefore, all programs are delivered via the internet by distance learning. We offer a number of undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as a variety of 5 year combined bachelor degree doctoral degree programs.

The type of learning method we use is often referred to as “asynchronous” because the Instructor and student are not online at the same time. Because we offer our programs internationally, both our students and our faculty live in different areas and different time zones, and consequently it is not possible to have everyone online together.

Our learning materials are available 24/7 so that every student can learn at his or her pace and at times convenient to them.

We use textbooks as well as internet resources. Every effort is made to keep textbook costs as low as possible. Many times it is necessary to order a textbook where internet resources are unavailable or inadequate. But where we use a textbook in a course, we attempt to use earlier editions which contribute to significant cost savings. Even so, the prospective student should budget about $750/year for texts. In addition to written materials, we utilize video lectures from time to time, as well as other sources of knowledge.

We operate on a trimester schedule with no breaks. Each course is completed in four months. Students may commence their program of study at the beginning of any trimester (January 1, May 1, or September 1).

No Dissertation PhD Programs: In addition to our regular programs, we also offer the option to complete any of our programs with no dissertation–no thesis. Please inquire to Admissions if you may be interested and also review this posting:

Private Student Course Portal. Blue Marble University has installed a new course content management system which is both revolutionary and elegant. We create a blog, in other words a website, for each student. On this website, you will find all of your courses, course content, curriculum, homework assignments, additional study resources, academic records, financial records, and contact information….everything in one place. And you won’t have to study how to use your course portal, like many students using “Blackboard” and similar resources are required to do…it will just come naturally to you. Here is a typical screen shot of the private student portal created for each student (click on image for larger view):


We are “student centered”, meaning that you are the most important part of our operations and existence. We are here to serve you and to offer up what hopefully are a variety of exciting, interesting learning programs to help you in your life and future career. At Blue Marble University,  you won’t be just “another brick in the wall”.

New Undergraduate Degree Programs

A complete Discussion of our New Undergraduate Degree programs with NO general education requirements and no foreign language requirements, Click HERE:

Additional general information relevant to attending Blue Marble University may be obtained from our Blue Marble University Student Guide January 2018

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