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Blue Marble University is a foreign educational institution. Non-accredited by any US accreditor, yet our doctoral programs are nonetheless equivalent to regionally accredited US colleges and universities as determined by professional foreign education credentials evaluators. Read more about Blue Marble University equivalency and accreditation HERE


All programs are 100% online. All learning materials are supplied to you and are available at any time 24/7 from any location in the world. Every student has their own Private Student Portal, a website for each student where you will find all of your courses, course content, curriculum, homework assignments, additional study resources, academic records, financial records, and contact information….everything in one place. READ MORE


Only $3,450 USD per year with interest-free payment plan; or $3,200 USD per year advance lump sum payment. And that includes all texts and learning resources in PDF form or via Videos. A US-style education at a fraction of the cost. Read More about Tuition and Fees

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We followed the US Department of Education advice and abolished “seat time”- the requirement that undergraduate degrees be 4 years. READ MORE

We eliminated Dissertation Purgatory- All students can complete all doctoral programs requiring dissertation on time. And that includes thesis publication! We make sure of it! Our students publish to Youtube, Amazon, and a variety of peer-reviewed journals and other online outlets. We have the cure for failed dissertations, and can even arrange No-dissertation programs for our students. READ MORE

Here is a sampling of our programs, click on the banner for more information, or see all programs by following the link at the end:

Blue Marble University 3 year online PhD in Stem Cell Biology

Blue Marble University 4 Year BS/MS Business Science

Blue Marble University 3 year online PhD Chemical Engineering

Blue Marble University Medical School, 3 year online M.D. Degree

Blue Marble University 2 year online Dissertation-Only PhD degree in Any Field of Study

Blue Marble University Online Degree in Chinese Langauge


Our complete List of Programs is HERE

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Built for My Family
Now Serving 5 Continents
World Class International Faculty Via Video Instruction

Walter P. Drake, Founder and Creator of Blue Marble University, featuring career building online doctoral degrees for working adults and goal oriented studentsIn creating Blue Marble University, I took great inspiration from Steve Jobs 2005Commencement Address at Stanford University, and particularly this advice: “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma—which is living with the results of other peoples’ thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.” I took that to heart, and started Blue Marble University with a blank sheet of paper and thought about what I could do to create the very best virtual university that my son would be proud to attend in his college years… for my own family to use… and hopefully others may want to join us as well. Read more about Walter P. Drake HERE.

For “teaching faculty”, we rely primarily on world-renowned experts who have generously made their lectures and knowledge available to the world online. Internationally acclaimed faculty thus become our faculty for some courses and lectures. READ MORE about our Faculty.

Click on Picture for Blue Marble University Student Guide:

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Academic Records
A Fresh Design

We don’t use “codes”. Our Transcripts feature FULL course descriptions that anyone can follow, with Grading clearly described.  Academic Records are published permanently online where you or anyone to whom you give your password can access your permanent record at any time for free, and print it as well.

As with most university degrees, our Degree forms are beautifully crafted and feature our full color Seals, ready for professional printing and framing.

Blue Marble University and its two separate schools: Panama College of Cell Science; and Blue Marble University Medical School

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Highlights From Our Articles and News

Reviews of Blue Marble University

If you look for reviews of Blue Marble University on the internet, you will likely not find very much. Some applicants ask if we can supply some students’ contact information. We have always felt that we did not want to use our current or former students to “sell” our programs to anyone else. If you …

Why I Chose Blue Marble University for My Doctoral Degree

Joan Griffin, graduate student at Blue Marble University, tells why she thinks a virtual university like Blue Marble has an important role in education. “When I decided to finish my doctorate through a virtual university, I did not know much about the way a virtual program works. I understood that most of the work would be …

A Model for a Virtual University…No PhD Purgatory

Blue Marble University presents what its founders believe is a model for what a virtual university should be. “There are very few totally virtual universities in the world.  Here are the criteria we feel are important for a virtual university, and which we followed in creating Blue Marble University“,   summarized by Walter P. Drake, …

No Foreign Language Requirement at Blue Marble University

At Blue Marble University, we have no foreign language requirement for undergraduates.  We do not add in any courses not germane to the program you are taking. Every one of our undergraduate programs has eliminated not only irrelevant foreign language courses but all other courses irrelevant to the field of interest. Our undergraduate programs are …

Dissertation Inflammation

When it comes to dissertations, Blue Marble University doesn’t fool around. We push and encourage every student in every doctoral program to complete their dissertation in 1 year. Our Dissertation-Only PhD program is only a 2 year program. And not only that, we help our graduate students get their dissertations published!! Who is interested in …

Do You Really Want A Badge??

Some years ago, some players unhappy with the ever-popular alternative education formats, and in an effort to denigrate alternative education and relegate it to some sidetrack to nowhere, proposed various schemes wherein one could receive a “badge” or some other kind of Certificate of Completion of a course offered online by the traditional colleges, sometimes …


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