About Our Faculty and Instructors

The issuance of our doctoral degrees is necessarily reviewed and approved by PhD faculty.

As for day to day operations, we have moved away from the use of a part-time faculty panel to a few full time core faculty and instructors which serve as mentors and guides and monitor the students’ progress through the various programs. Upon completion of a degree program, and upon certification from a PhD faculty member that the student has successfully completed the program, a degree is issued in accordance with the program completed.

Blue Marble University and its included schools, the Panama College of Cell Science, and Blue Marble University Medical School, continue to refine and develop the model for a virtual university. We are writing the book on how to deliver educational programs online, which are both affordable and innovative.

Education at an Online University

Education in the virtual world is essentially a self-learning experience. We do not have buildings or offices which house professors who give lectures in large lecture halls and in some cases conduct research activities. Rather we use learned scientists and educators to help develop our course content which is then uploaded to our website for delivery to students. As a virtual university, course material is not “taught” by a professor or instructor, but rather learned by the student in a self-learning process.

Because programs are delivered in an asynchronous manner, students and faculty are not online at the same time. With students from many countries, it would not be possible for instructors and students to meet at the same times due to varying time zones and locations.

Consequently, our programs rely much more heavily on Information Technology (IT)  staff rather than on teaching faculty. Our “Private Student Portals” represent an elegant and unique format in which we create a private website for each student where all relevant courses, financial records and academic records are centralized for easy access by the student at any time. We use our own pre-designed degree programs which are delivered over the internet by computer technology. Our course content as well as our degree programs are decided upon at the top with input from qualified people, rather than based on which particular faculty we have and what their individual specialties are.  Basing a curriculum on what faculty an institution has is a restrictive approach to modern education, and limits somewhat the ability to deliver innovative programs. Our programs are predesigned in order to achieve consistency which does not exist where various instructors are permitted to conduct their own courses. We require our students (and hence our student mentors and guides) to follow a specific path to ensure that the highest quality of the educational outcome is achieved.

This concentration on consistency also benefits our students in that by generally supplying only a few Instructor/mentors for a particular program, the online student can become comfortable as to what is expected, and experience less variation (sometimes radical) in teaching styles commonly experienced when subjected to a different faculty member for every course.

Teaching Faculty

From time to time applicants inquire about our teaching faculty. While we do have some “in house” faculty members, we rely primarily on learned experts who have generously made their lectures and knowledge available to the world online. So, through the use of video lectures and other online resources, our courses are “taught” by world-renowned experts, lecturers, and authors. Our in-house faculty members serve in the roles of Mentors and Advisors, answer questions, and generally supervise the course content. Here is an example of a video lecture from our Stem Cell Biology doctoral program describing early human fertilization and embryonic development, conducted by Douglas A. Melton, Professor, Harvard University and investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute:

Here is an example of video instruction in our Education Design and Technology doctoral program discussing the Unity Game engine, and presented by its creative engineers:


Dr. Kelli Miller serves as our Director of Educational Programs. Once our overall programs are determined with input from learned educators, course content is assembled. As we notged above,  we borrow video lectures from the internet made by eminent educators in various fields. These educators hold positions in the world’s best institutions. In this way, we can offer to our students lectures and content from qualified faculty from other institutions, yet which are not on our staff nor associated with us. Internationally acclaimed faculty thus become our faculty for some courses and lectures.

Each of our courses are carefully laid out for each student to follow, additional assignments are scheduled from time to time, and naturally exams are also in the mix. But in the main, our faculty and instructors are mentors and guides to the material presented.

(A) Permanent Staff

Dr. Walter P. Drake, DirectorBlue Marble University
J.D.,  University of Baltimore (USA); PhD , Panama College Of Cell Science 

A published scientist in the field of tumor immunology, with 25 lead author research reports in bio-medical journals, Dr. Drake covers some of our most important courses in the bio-medical sciences. Moreover, as an experienced attorney in medical malpractice cases and medical insurance matters, Dr. Drake is an instructor/mentor in our Law program, and guides medical students in the non-medical courses included in our online MD program involving negligence law, medical device regulations, medical insurance, and medical negligence. Dr. Drake’s CV can be reviewed here: WalterPDrakeCV2020

Dr. Kelli Miller, Director of Blue Marble University Degree Programs
Ph.D., Capella University (USA)

Dr. Miller is an experienced educator in the post-secondary school environment. Prior to obtaining her doctoral degree in “Post-secondary and Adult Education”, she received a Masters Degree from Jones International University with a study specialization in “Challenges of Non-Traditional Adult Learners”. She has designed curricula and training programs for the State of Georgia. Most importantly to our students, Dr. Miller “wrote the book” on being a PhD Mentor and Editor for doctoral candidates. We are very happy to have Dr. Miller contributing to our new institution, and in addition to teaching various courses particularly for our Instructional Technology doctoral degree program, she serves as our overall Director of Degree Programs.

F. Karl Weddige, MED, PhD
Dr. Weddige is a published researcher, tenured psychologist, and an accomplished biopharmaceutical professional.  Dr. Weddige has practiced as an Associate Clinical Psychologist in both the inpatient and outpatient settings.  During this same time, he also conducted pre-clinical trials at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Department of Neuropharmacology (Lubbock, Texas).  This research focused on single-unit extracellular electrophysiology of midbrain dopamine-containing neurons whose populations are implicated in a variety of psychiatric, neurological, and neurodegenerative disorders (Parkinson’s disease, Schizophrenia, Tourette’s syndrome). Finally, Dr. Weddige also offers over a decade of biopharmaceutical experience in the areas of Medical Affairs, Medical Compliance and Ethics, as-well-as in the Commercial and Marketing divisions. Dr. Weddige’s current research interests include The Use of hESC’s in the Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders and The Use of Various Growth Factors in the Ex-Vivo Expansion of Human Umbilical Cord Blood CD34+ Cells. Dr. Weddige has graciously agreed to support the Faculty as needed and is sure to play a major role in the future of the University.

Igneris Rosado-Erazo, M.S., Ph.D.
Life Sciences Instructor and Special Student Mentor
Puerto Rico

Dr. Rosado-Erazo is an experienced biotechnologist with 12 years experience in the biotechnology industry.  Currently an Associate Scientist with Amgen Manufacturing, an innovative world leader  experimenting with cutting-edge science and technology in search of therapies for our most serious diseases, she has hands-on experience in the manufacturing of biologics, and is knowledgeable in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Laboratories Practices (GLP) and Standard Operation Procedures (SOP). Her recent paper, “How to Treat Patients with Adult Stem Cells without specific FDA approval and without the necessity of conducting any prior clinical trial”, is a good refresher  and review of the current landscape involving patient therapy with adult stem cells. Dr. Rosado-Erazo  will assist as needed with the instruction in life science courses across all programs of our Schools, and will work with students as Special Student Mentor.

(B) Adjunct Staff: We have a volunteer corps of PhD faculty from all over the world that assist us without remuneration because they are interested as we are in the delivery of high class quality education at an affordable price. Many are seeking teaching and mentoring experience and additional teaching credentials.  Most volunteer for a short term. We have found this to be better than dealing with a panel of adjunct instructors whose schedules did not always match ours and vice versa. 

If you have a professional advance degree and would like to volunteer, please send  your expression of interest, degree, and field of endeavor to our main Email address found on our Contact page.