Student Academic Records

Academic records, including original transcripts of courses and grades attained, as well as a copy of any diploma issued, are maintained permanently as part of our website on a password protected page.

Our Registrar of Records is Acharaporn Udomsri who can be reached at:


Acharaporn Udomsri, Registrar


A student, and any employer or other interested entity to whom the student gives their password,  may at any time now and in the future access the academic records for free by going to their permanent student page and entering the appropriate password, which is the student date of birth, as follows:

(1) Go to the Url for the student by entering the url for Blue Marble University, with the student’s name appended. So for a student named John B. Smith, go to the url:  [An additional url for this purpose is  ]  Notice that the name should follow a hashmark, and should not contain any punctuation, nor any spaces, and use lower case only.

(2) When you reach the page you will be asked to enter a password, which is the student’s date of birth in the form: MM/DD/YYYY, where MM is the two digit month, DD is the two digit day, and YYYY is the four digit year. So for a birth date of January 6, 1982, the password is: 01/06/1982


No hard copies, “original” copies, or “certified copies” of any records are available from the Blue Marble University. The University operates as a virtual institution and paperless entity. All records are kept in digital form only, and are always available for free at any time to anyone having the correct password. Consequently, the original academic records as maintained by Blue Marble University may be independently verified by accessing the permanent student page and entering the correct password as given to you by the student, explained above.

Any questions or problems should be addressed to:


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