Online Instructional Design and Technology Doctoral Degree

Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) Instructional Design and Technology We offer one of the classiest doctoral programs in Instructional Technology you will come across. Really!! We filled our program with the study of useful tools you can use. Complete our program and you can go anywhere to design curricula and to deploy an e-learning or distance learning educational platform, or easily serve as lead administrator at the university, corporate, or K-12 (State Education Department) level. Our online lab will require you to actually design one or more courses and deploy them on an e-learning platform. And we have some fun diving deep into 3D Virtual Worlds as a means to create student interest in courses. But don’t worry, we know you are not engineers, but rather educators. Our computer science courses won’t kill you and will give you a world of confidence.

Here is a great example of a student’s work: An instructional video by graduate student Jeanne Stork presenting one of the finest reviews of goggles and headsets for Google Expeditions on the internet at that time. Reviewed by an educator, the video details the hands-on testing of virtual reality goggles, including Google Cardboard, I Am Cardboard, Discovery Kids VR Goggles, BlitzWolf VR Headset, StarryBay, and BNext. The video, entitled “Jeanne Stork’s Demonstration of Goggles/Headsets for Google Expeditions, VR, and Cardboard” appears immediately below:


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