Review of Blue Marble University Online Dissertation-Only PhD program

Blue Marble University Reviews. To all Blue Marble University Staff: Really I am speechless and I cried with joy when I received the graduation package, and you don’t know how I felt when a quick flash back came to my mind of these three years which were full with ups and downs in my writing style and how your advice and opinions really helped me to become who I am now and how this University stood with me in this critical dissertation and supported it until it was published and saw the light. Millions of millions of Thank you to all the staff is not enough and I wish all the best and I really want to travel and celebrate our success with you all. Thanks again and again and again to Professor Dr. Drake for your kind words written in the Forward to my book. Thank you so much for you all for your interest

Picture of a book written and published by a Blue Marble University graduate student in our 2-year Dissertation-Only PhD program

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