Online Computer Science Bachelor and Doctor Degrees

Computer Science at Blue Marble University

(1) D.Sc. Computer Science

Blue Marble University offers a Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) in computer science, comparable to a Ph.D. degree. As noted at

“Professionals holding doctoral degrees in computer science hold distinct advantages. For example, tenured professors must possess their Ph.D. Large companies often start those with Ph.D.s at higher-level positions immediately upon hiring, and it’s common for employers to reserve their top-ranking positions for doctoral degree holders only. Computer scientists with doctorates can start their own research-based companies, or teach at the undergraduate or graduate level. Many industry research labs require workers to hold doctorate degrees, as well, due to the advanced level of technical knowledge and skill required to oversee large projects and teams.

With the rising need for technical expertise, employers are increasingly including doctoral degrees in their minimum hiring requirements. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 15.3% jump in the number of jobs in CS requiring a doctorate degree by 2022.”


Curriculum and Course Descriptions

Our doctoral program in Computer Science is constantly evolving to ensure that we are at the cutting edge of all new technologies. Updated for 2020, we cover the rapidly developing areas of Artificial Intelligence, Systems and Networking, Robotics, Network Infrastructures, Cybersecurity, and Life Sciences Applications. Due to its importance, we spend the entire first year on Artificial Intelligence.

We stress academic scholarship and thinking outside of the box. We encourage both Directed Research and Independent Research. Independent dissertation topics are selected with the guidance and consent of supervising faculty. Every student must also create an Online Portfolio, being a digital presentation published on the internet which summarizes the students achievements, education, research interests, and publications.

The program comprises 108 trimester credits, and consequently is equivalent to that of a USA regionally accredited college or university. Upon completion, and for a nominal fee, graduates will be able to obtain a certificate of equivalency from a foreign education credentials evaluation service for employment purposes in the USA.

We operate on a trimester schedule, which means that our academic year is divided into 3 segments of 4 months each. In each 4 month period, students take three courses. For most terms, or as determined by the University, students may be assigned courses in sequence, lasting about 1 month each. In that event, for any approximate one month period, a student will be studying one course. There are no breaks as the program continues year round.



(2) B.S. Computer Science

B.S. Computer Science (3 year program): In constructing our program, we started out by selecting courses that provide a good computer science foundation for students that may be new to this field. Then we added courses applicable to growing industries such as health care, and skills in demand such as security and data base management. Finally, we topped off the program with hot courses in Mobile Computing, Virtual Worlds, and Video Gaming Design and Development. If you find a better program than this, that you can complete online in 3 years, take it instead!!!


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