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Blue Marble University
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
40 Hillsborough Street
Roseau, 00152
Commonwealth of Dominica

Two Naturopathic Doctoral Degree Programs are shown:

(1) Our regular 3 year online Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree for college graduates;

(2) Our 5 year combined online Bachelor and Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Degree for High School Graduates

(1) Our Regular3 Year Online Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Curriculum

Please Click HERE to open the Curriculum: NDCurriculumJanuary2023

Notes to 3 year Online Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Degree Program:

(1) Credits: Credits are assigned following the U.S. Standard Credit Conversion System. The program comprises 81 trimester credits, and consequently is more than equivalent to the minimum 72 trimester credits (60 Semester Credits) for a USA regionally accredited college or university. Fifteen (15) clock hours of lectures and academic study equal one (1) Semester Credit. One Trimester Credit equals 5/6 semester credit.

(2) Grading: In this program, a grade of B- or better (at least 80 out of 100 points) is required to pass each and every course in the program. Students who do not pass each and every course cannot graduate, nor do they receive credit for any courses they have not passed. Students who receive credit for any individual course due to past education or publications, are awarded the full credit for that course and a Grade of A (95/100).

(3) The Blue Marble University Doctoral Degree is Equivalent to Regionally Accredited USA College or University in terms of credits earned: Blue Marble University is foreign (international) educational institution operating out of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Foreign education can qualify students for employment and other positions in the U.S.A., when the student’s educational credentials are approved by a professional foreign education credentials service.. Because this program is equivalent to that of a regionally accredited USA college or university, based upon the minimum trimester credits of 72, and with no more than 12 credits assigned to dissertation, it is believed that upon completion of the full program, and for a nominal fee, graduates will be able to obtain a Certificate of Equivalency from a professional foreign education credentials evaluator.

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(2) Our Fast Track Combination Bachelor of Science (B.S.)/ Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine(N.D.) 5 Year program which you can enter right after High School. This program introduces the student to basic biology concepts and then proceeds into the regular 3 year online naturopathic doctoral program show above.We operate on a trimester schedule, which means that our academic year is divided into 3 segments of 4 months each. In each 4 month period, students take three courses. For some terms, or as determined by the University, students may be assigned courses in sequence, lasting about 1 month each. In that event, for any approximate one month period, a student will be studying one course.Years 1 and 2 are Used for the Bachelor Degree Part of the Program
(See our note at the end relating to seat time)

Note: Our Bachelor of Science Degree is only issued upon completion of the entire 5 year program. We do not offer a B.S. Degree except in combination with the 3 year ND degreeUndergrad1Undergrad2After satisfactory completion of the first two years curriculum, the student then joins our regular naturopathic medical students,  and follows the normal 3 year online curriculum for the ND degree.  

A Note Concerning Undergraduate Degree and “Seat Time”: As we have stated before, we drop “seat time” from each and every one of our programs. All of our students must demonstrate “Proficiency” with regard to the subject matter of their studies. Consequently, our programs are shorter.”Seat time”, which is the foundation of “accreditation” in the USA, is the old fashioned, outdated requirement that a student spend a required amount of time (usually 4 years) and/or take required general studies courses in order to receive a Bachelors Degree. Even the USA Department of Education in its “National Education Technology Plan 2010” has recognized that “seat time” has got to go. At Page 12 of the report: “One of the most basic assumptions in our education system [accreditation] is time-based or “seat-time” measures of educational attainment…. [colleges and universities should be organized] around competence rather than seat time and others that enable more flexible scheduling that fits studentsʼ individual needs rather than traditional academic periods and lockstep curriculum pacing.”We reject “seat time”. Our program is organised to achieve competence, and the undergraduate portion of this combination BS/ND degree program is designed to be the runway for entry into the 3 year online ND program.

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