Ph.D. Degrees for High School Students

OK, so you are in high school and looking down the road to a long educational journey. And most likely a real expensive one.

We have many students tell us they spent over $100,000 on an undergraduate degree!! This makes no sense to us.

Do you want to go to college at age 16?  Depending on what you completed so far, Blue Marble University will more than likely accept you!

Do you want to get a Ph.D. degree in a total of 5 years? Or will you plod along for 4 more years just getting a B.A.? Blue Marble University offers high schoolers a Ph.D. in 5 years!

Think about it…Blue Marble University offers you a combination Bachelor Degree/Doctoral Degree in 5 years with many fields to choose from. So, in about the same time as you will normally be finishing your 4-year undergraduate program elsewhere, you could be collecting a Ph.D. degree instead!

And because we are based in Dominica, you don’t need to worry about our accreditation. Why? Because we don’t need to be accredited. Rather, after you graduate, you will, for a nominal cost, get a certificate from a foreign education evaluator that your Ph.D. degree from Blue Marble University is the same as if you went to a regionally accredited US college or university. You can read more about what we are talking about here:

We specialize in moving things along.

Tuition? “Cheap” and “affordable”. Most of our programs cost $3950/year with an interest-free payment plan, or just $3500/year if you can pay in advance. And cheap doesn’t mean poor quality. Take a look at what some of our people are doing in the stem cell field at our separate stem cell biology school, Panama College of Cell Science:

and here:

And here are some reviews from past students:

So, if you are in High School, you can either follow the crowd down an expensive path or think different.

All High School students are welcome to apply regardless of academics or grades. Poor grades can mean you did poor work, but more often then not they reflect other issues or problems you may have been having, like bullying, or other things that affected your grades. We try to look at the whole picture the student presents. We do not concern ourselves with high school grades. We only ask one question: Is this applicant likely to succeed in our program?

So, we have the cure for messy high school performance. Can a high school student with bad grades get accepted to college? At Blue Marble University, we have the cure for bad high school grades. High school students with bad grades get a second chance at a top quality college education.

And we do not require any SAT either!

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