Industrial Technology: The BEST Business Program in the World. And Also the Best Business Program for High School Graduates

If you are looking at business programs to follow, hold your horses and study this new kind of business program that will set you way apart from others in competing for a job in business.

If you think about business today, what is there:

•Big Oil: Exploration, Transport, Management, Chemistry, Reserves, Sale and Marketing, Permits, Clean Coal Processing

•Water Resources: Production, Filtration Technology, Ocean Energy, Waste Water, Water Chemistry, Management, Salt Water Separation, EPA Regulations

•Food Technologies: Packaging, Preservation, Distribution, Additives, Regulations

•Global Transportation: Modern Railroading, River Transport, Air Cargo, Sea Cargo, Ports and Port Mechanics, Shipping and Tanker Leasing

Our business program gives you the lingo to slide easily into any of these fields. So why do we call our program “industrial technology” and not “business”?

Wikipedia gives the answer: What is “Industrial Technology”?? Industrial Technology includes wide ranging subject matter, which is an amalgamation of industrial engineering and business topics with more focus on the practicality and management of technical systems and less focus on the actual engineering of those systems.

Graduates of our program are expected to find positions in major industries (food, water, oil, or global transportation), and to serve primarily in supervisory and administrative positions.

When we lightly refer to our program as engineering without the math, we do not mean no math!! We mean that advanced engineering mathematics will not be required. Typical business math, how to read corporate financial reports, and other relevant computational skills will be covered.

The curriculum says it all, and we feel our offering is not only unique, but can be handled by students of average intelligence. And a degree in Industrial Technology will “get you in the door” to an interview, and is way superior to a general business degree, due to its being unusual and also being perceived as of higher calibre.

Because of the mass of material that needs to be covered, we needed 4 years of study to make this degree worth anything. But we feel it is 4 years well spent, particularly since our program can be done part-time by working adults, previous home schoolers, and others.

We only offer two ways to a degree in this field:

(A) A combined Bachelor of Business Science/Master of Business Science (BBS/MBS) in Industrial Technology [4 year program]

(B) Doctor of Science (D.Sc.): Those students that have completed the BBS/MBS in Industrial Technology have the right to pursue the award of a PhD degree by completing a dissertation. We allocate 1 year for completion of this segment and many students will be discussing a dissertation during their 4th year of studies. Of course if the student needs additional time, that is certainly permitted.

And we don’t skimp on business courses either. You wil get all the financial accounting, reading financial statements, business law, and other business related courses as shown in our curriculum: 

Here is what we did. We took business management, and blended it with the four major industries: Food, Water, Oil, and Global Transport to give a specific focus and not just general material. You will learn business practices specific to these industries. And we called our program: Industrial Technology.

This program is designed for the person that wants a business career, or who desires to work in industry, or for federal and state regulatory agencies.

Graduates of our program are expected to find positions in a major industry (food, water, oil, or global transportation), and to serve primarily in supervisory and administrative positions.

And because we don’t waste your time with superfluous humanities courses, second language courses and general studies…we are all business…we can include a Masters Degree in Business Science within the 4 year program you can enter right out of high school (or begin after 10th grade in some circumstances).

We believe this program to be the best preparation for business careers and therefore, we only offer this one MBA-equivalent business program. Say good bye to the usual “MBA” that “everyone else” gets, and present yourself with a combined Bachelor/Masters Degree in Business Science:  “Industrial Engineering”!!

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