Two Great Life Science Degrees Offered by an Online University That Are Also Affordable and Scholarly

Blue Marble University online PhD degree in pharmaceutical sciences for working adults,

Blue Marble University offers 3 year online degrees in the life sciences as well as engineering, law, and education technology. All programs are cheap and affordable, starting at $3200 per year for lump sum annual payment, or $3450 per year with no interest payment plan.

Although operating out of the Commonwealth of Dominica, all degrees issued by Blue Marble University are deemed equivalent to a regionally accredited US college or university by various professional foreign education reviewers. 

Today we would like to highlight two of our most exciting life sciences programs: 

3 year online PhD degree in Pharmaceutical Science

3 year online Doctor of Naturopathic Degree (N.D.)

Pharmaceutical Science. Blue Marble University offers 4 amazing PhD programs in Pharmaceutical Science:

Pharmaceutical Science Ph.D.
Pharmaceutical Biochemistry Ph.D.
Pharmaceutical Engineering Ph.D.
Pharmaceutical Clinical Research Ph.D.

As we say on our website: “Biology is dead. If you are looking for a PhD to make your career explode, a degree in Pharmaceutical Science is the one. No one is looking for Biology majors. No one is looking to hire a biologist unless you happen to be studying stem cell biology.  If you are interested in biology and are also interested in a high paying 6 figure salary that will only increase, Pharmaceutical Science is where to be. Look in the newspaper. Do you see any jobs listed for biologists? No. Do you see any jobs listed for pharmaceutical biochemists or pharmaceutical engineers…Many”

And each of the four PhD pharmaceutical programs teaches:

Research (Drug Discovery and Development),
Production and Delivery,
Quality Control,
Process Streamlining, and
Technical Writing

All the tools you need to land a great career position in the high flying pharmaceutical field.

Not only is a 3 year online PhD in Pharmaceutical Science offered at Blue Marble University, but a 2-Year Masters Degree is offered as well. We even have a 5 year combination B.S./Ph.D. online degree for high school graduates!

An exciting and well respected program, the Blue Marble University pharmaceutical PhD program covers all the necessary material required for success in landing a job and in pursuing a career: you will learn what “CAPA” is; the use of HPLC, GC , and LC separation and analysis equipment and procedures; “root cause analysis”; and how to register a clinical trial. 

If you are interested in a life sciences Ph.D. degree, a pharmaceutical Ph.D. will open the door to the many continuing opportunities in the pharmaceutical field.

Come check out these terrific online Pharmaceutical Masters and PhD degrees at Blue Marble University:


Blue Marble University Doctor of Naturopathy degree, N.D. degree online, where to find an online Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree online,

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. At the opposite side of traditional medicine and the pharmaceutical industry lies alternative medicine, a growing industry and a growing opportunity for new careers.

Alternative medicine is so much more than herbal supplements. There are alternative medicine approaches to controlling many of our most chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and digestive disorders.

As we say on our website: “Our online Doctor of Naturopathy program emphasizes alternative cancer therapies, alternative diabetes control, vitamin therapies, the study of special compounds like DMSO,  bio-identical hormones, clinical nutrition and specific nutritional supplements, botanicals, blood testing and analysis, diagnostic procedures, immune modulation, and the pharmacology of natural medicines. We also include a complete and detailed course in operating your own counseling clinic, partnering with physicians to offer complementary medicine, how to order diagnostic blood tests, how to brand your own nutritional supplements, how to start and operate a walk-in laboratory franchise, and how to become recognized by industry organizations.

This program is best suited to those persons that want to create their own companies preparing and marketing useful supplements, maybe by first starting small and then growing your business; or who want to partner with physicians and other licensed health care providers, like chiropractors and physical therapists,  to provide complementary medical services to patients; or who want to operate their own counselling and wellness centers; or work in the pharmaceutical industry.”

Although some states permit the practice of naturaopathic medicine without any particular license, for the most part, our N.D. degree is not suitable for one on one patient interaction. If you want to be able to treat patients with alternative remedies in your own individual practice, then best to pursue your education at an accredited naturopathic school that will lead to licensing. This is probably 1% of what alternative medicine is all about. In the end, you too will learn that you will need to partner with a licensed health care provider in order to deliver what patients want: a complementary approach in which mainstream medicine is combined with alternative approaches.

We are talking to the other applicants that want to participate in the other 99% of the alternative medicine field which is far more lucrative and for which no license is required. People that want to join pharmaceutical companies and help develop new supplements and  supplements to activate circulating stem cells; people that want to start their own alternative medicine business while continuing their present employment until their own project begins making money; people interested  in educating patients in alternative and complementary remedies while working or partnering with existing medical centers and health care providers; people who want to start their own counseling and wellness centers online.

As with all Blue Marble University doctoral programs, the cost is $3,450 USD per year with payment plan; or $3200 USD advance lump sum payment per year.

Our Curriculum is Here: 


So there you have it…two very fine, affordable, and always scholarly life sciences doctoral degrees from the Blue Marble University portfolio of unique and specialized online PhD degrees for working adults and career minded students.

Blue Marble University
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