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We have some amazing online doctoral programs in engineering at Blue Marble University, the world’s best virtual distance learning center.

Here is our line-up:

(1) 3 Year Online Doctor of Science in Biomedical Engineering

(2) 3 Year Online Doctor of Science in Chemical Engineering

(3) 3 Year Online Doctor of Science in Petroleum Engineering

The engineering programs at Blue Marble University are not geared to geniuses, but just to average students that do not mind to work.

For example, our chemical engineering program is really a process engineering program and it is not difficult. This program will build on your baccalaureate engineering degree by providing you with advanced knowledge and skills. You will take core courses covering mathematical modeling, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and chemical reaction engineering, then you will move on to more specialized subjects such as materials science, process control, environmental science, and petroleum engineering, among many others.

Dissertation topics are always open to the student to select what he/she would like to research (with faculty guidance and approval). We are currently encouraging dissertations that relate to the batch processing of human stem cells, growth media, and nanotechnology for labeling and sorting of cells, but this topic in biomedical processes is not a requirement.

As with all of our doctoral programs, we offer a 5 year fast track BS/DSc as well, for high school graduates.

Click on the links for further information, curriculum, and course descriptions:

D.Sc. Chemical Engineering (3 year Online Program)

B.S./D.Sc. Chemical Engineering, 5 year combined program for High School graduates

We are also very proud of our Petroleum Engineering 3 year online doctoral degree. Designed to train graduates for top level positions in the industry. It is hoped that our graduates can participate in the development and production of oil and gas at the highest corporate and governmental levels.

We are very different. This is a doctoral program, not a training program. With the DSc petroleum engineering degree from Blue Marble, you are more likely to end up in an office rather than on a drilling rig, although field work and field analysis is always necessary. To be a top flight petroleum engineer, you need to know a lot more than mathematical equations, and theoretical engineering calculations, which are now normally handled by computers and specialty software anyway. As an example, one can operate a bulldozer without any knowledge of how the motor works; and one can operate a computer without any knowledge of the make-up of the motherboard. And in the real world, we all learn “on the job”. All that is necessary for a successful career in oil and gas is the background knowledge and the special language of the field.

Our program takes a multidisciplinary approach. Along with core engineering, we include many topics never found in a chemical engineering program but which are nonetheless very useful in the real world, and in real world careers, including: The Eagle Ford and Bakkan oil and gas formations; royalties and leases; business of oil; permits and environmental impact; industry sources of technical information; and the review of petroleum trade journals and research reports. Of course, in addition to these “outside the box” topics, we still include studies in the primary topics of general engineering, drilling, facilities construction, production operations engineering, and reservoir engineering. Because “fracking” for oil has become the new technology and opened vast fields for exploration and development, particularly in the United States, our program focuses more heavily on that technology;  but principles of deep sea drilling are included as well. In the thesis section of the program, the student will learn the scientific method, and demonstrate engineering proficiency by completing a publishable work.

As for our 3 year doctoral program in Biomedical Engineering, we believe that the most important medical observation of our time is that repair stem cells taken from a patient’s blood can heal damaged tissue and can repair bodily functions. Stem cell science has opened a whole new and exciting area for biomedical engineers. New designs of equipment and processes are needed in the areas of batch preparation of stem cells, labeling and sorting of cells, cell preservation techniques, clinical diagnostic imaging devices to find such cells, scaffolding and other techniques for tissue creation, nanotechnology, as well as cellular delivery devices.

Consequently, we have pointed our program in the direction of cellular and tissue engineering, and our standing research project is to design a batch human stem cell processor the size of a large coffee pot that every physician can have in their office to produce patient treatment regimens.

Yet, even though cellular and tissue engineering are our focus, our program is rock solid in  all the hot new fields of nanotechnology, imaging systems, fiber optics and bio-sensors, biophotonic instrumentation, bioinformatics, robotics, medical devices and implants.

It is intended that a graduate of our program will be equally at home in an academic or industrial/pharmaceutical research lab, teaching setting, medical device manufacturer, medical imaging developer, clinical stem cell treatment clinic, clinical engineering environment, or in hospital administration.

As with all of our engineering programs, Blue Marble University offers 5 year fast track engineering programs that can be entered right from high school and lead to a doctoral degree in 5 years. This program features 2 years of preparation courses in basic sciences leading into our regular 3 year doctoral program. Graduates receive combined Bachelor Degree and Doctoral Degree.

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