Blue Marble University Online Undergraduate Degrees


All Blue Marble University Bachelor Programs Are
2 Years and 8 Months Only

We Follow A Three-Semester Year Plan

And here’s how it works: We study all year round with no breaks. Each of our semesters is 17 weeks long, compared to the usual 15 weeks for a typical college semester. This way, we pack 3 Full Semesters into a single year. We call this our Three-Semester Year Plan, and we are the only University that has it.

Come and Save Some Time and Money
With Blue Marble University Undergraduate Programs
And Finish Your Bachelor Degree 33% Faster

Check any college for their Graduation Rates within 4 years. Most are 60% or less, which means you have a good chance of not even graduating on time in a typical 4 year undergraduate program. All Blue Marble University  Bachelor Degree programs are set up for completion and issuance of a Bachelor Degree  in 2 years-8 months! You don’t have to ever worry about not getting the courses you need. Upon enrollment, your entire curriculum is laid out for you, and all courses are guaranteed available. You never have to “register” for any courses, they are automatic. Which means that our 2 year-8 months graduation rate is 100%,  assuming that you complete your courses successfully.

Tuition Cost: $3450 USD/year with payment plan; or $3200 USD/year in advance annual payment. We charge annually and not by credits or time. This means for the 2-year-8 month program, the TOTAL tuition for the entire Bachelor program is $10,350 [$9600 if you paid annually in advance], and that includes all learning resources and texts!!! Some nominal lab fees may be applicable for some programs.

Some Sample Programs
Please Contact Us About These or Any Program You Might Want
(Not All Programs are Listed Here)

B.S. Biochemistry
B.S.Biology-Stem Cell Science

B.Eng. Chemical Engineering
B.S. Chemistry
B.S. Computer Science
B.Eng. Electrical Engineering
B.S. Forensic Science
B.S. Health Studies/Public Health
B. Eng. Petroleum Engineering
B.S. Pharmaceutical Science
B.S./M.B.S. Business Science Degree

All programs 100% Online

How to Apply 

When to Apply: Apply anytime. Start dates are September 1, January 1, May 1. Cut-off dates are Here:

Admission Requirements: Typically a High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent is required. However, Home Schooled and non-traditional students are welcome. Dual Enrollment permitted for current High School students, but completion of high school required prior to issuance of Blue Marble University degree.

More details about our undergraduate programs can be found Here: 

Or email us with your questions:

You may contact Blue Marble University at this Email address


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