Three Most Popular Online PhD Programs at Blue Marble University

Blue Marble University offers a unique portfolio of graduate doctoral programs for working adults. We specialize in online PhD programs in a variety of subjects. All programs are 100% online and tuition costs vary between $2950 to $3450 per year.  Most of the Blue Marble University PhD programs can be completed online in three years.

This month we would like to highlight our three most popular PhD programs, demonstrating our innovation in creating doctoral degree programs that people want.

(1) Our most popular program: Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) online degree. The Blue Marble MD program is unique in that it is the only MD program in the world that can be completed entirely online. Of course, with no clinical rotations, our graduates cannot become practicing physicians. Rather, our MD degree is intended for non-clinical careers that do not involve direct patient contact. Most of our graduates find career paths in the pharmaceutical industry, biomedical research, and clinic management. Other career paths include: Hospital management, teaching, medical device research and manufacturing, health insurance industry positions, corporate medical insurance departments, writing and consulting, alternative medicine companies, medical laboratory ownership, medical malpractice claims consulting, operating cosmetic clinics, operating their own companies in the medical field. You can find out more about our online MD degree program HERE: 

As we like to say: “Earn the most prestigious degree in the world: Doctor of Medicine…And join the many other graduates of standard medical schools who choose to forego clinical internships and licensing exams to enter fulfilling careers in medically related fields and biomedical research as non-licensed physicians”.

(2) Our second most popular program: Dissertation-Only PhD Degree. This program, believed to be the only one of its kind in the US, enables students to round out their education.  Most students already have a Masters Degree, and want to complete their PhD credentials. Many of these students completed many doctoral courses at other institutions but could not successfully negotiate the dissertation process. As we like to say, “we have the cure for failed dissertations”. The Blue Marble University Dissertation-Only PhD usually takes from one to two years to complete depending on a variety of factors and strength of the application. There are no courses. What makes our program unique is that it is available to any field of endeavor, including not only the sciences, but film, novels, and in short…any field that advances mankind. In many cases we transfer all doctoral courses from the applicant’s previous transcript. The complete details about our Dissertation-Only PhD program are HERE: 

(3) For our third most popular program, we present our 3 year online program in Stem Cell Biology. The only stem cell PhD program that can be completed entirely online, the doctoral program is unique in recognizing stem cell biology as a new separate discipline within Biology in general. Stem Cell Science is now THE most funded subfield within biology. If you really want a career in biology, whether it be research or teaching, stem cell science is where the jobs are. The program is administered by our separate but included School, the Panama College of Cell Science, and full details about this exciting program can be found HERE: 

Of  course, Blue Marble University has many other exciting doctoral programs in Law, Computer Science, and Pharmaceutical Science. A description of all our programs can be found HERE: 

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