Careers In Pharmaceutical Science

Blue Marble University has just released its summary of salaries and careers in the Pharmaceutical Sciences. Adapted from the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, the information is meant to support the new 3 year online PhD in Pharmaceutical Science offered by Blue Marble University as being a top career choice for students interested in the biological sciences or medical sciences.

Four Online PhD programs are offered as well as Masters Degrees in the same fields:

Pharmaceutical Science Ph.D.
Pharmaceutical Biochemistry Ph.D.
Pharmaceutical Engineering Ph.D.
Pharmaceutical Clinical Research Ph.D.

What Pharmaceutical Scientists Do

As Dr. Walter P. Drake, Director of Blue Marble University, stated: “It is not just me telling you that our Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD is a top degree to have. Industry data shows it. And our programs only cost $3550 per year with payment plan, or $3200/year with lump sum payment”.

Salary Survey from the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
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Now, browse the jobs listed:

And those are just the ones on this website. Glassdoor and Indeed have a lot more posts.

The future job outlook is here:

More specialty salary details


Because Blue Marble University is based in Dominica, you don’t need to worry about our accreditation. Why? Because we don’t need to be accredited. Rather, after you graduate, you will, for a nominal cost, get a certificate from most if not all foreign education evaluators that your Ph.D. degree from Blue Marble University is the same as if you went to a regionally accredited US college or university.

As noted by the US Department of Education: “Unaccredited institutions are not reviewed against a set of standards to determine the quality of their education and training. This does not necessarily mean that an unaccredited institution is of poor quality…Some unaccredited institutions and programs provide significant, legitimate academic work.”

You can read more about our accreditation equivalency here:

The reality is that most employers do not require any special paperwork, including most State employers, and will accept your degree from Blue Marble University. Most employers review your credentials, review your course work, investigate the institution website and make their own judgment as to the qualifications of an applicant.

Admission Requirements

If your grades have not been the best, don’t worry, we will consider the whole picture. We only ask ourselves one question- Can this student finish our program successfully. Read more about our Admission requirements for high school students, college graduates, and holders of advanced degrees Here:

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