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Blue Marble University offers 3 year online Ph.D. degrees to working adults, in the best career fields:

Alternative Medicine: Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (ND)

Biology Ph.D. Stem Cell Biology [Administered by Panama College of Cell Science].

Biology:  D.Sc. Applied Biology

Biomedical Engineering:  D.Sc. Biomedical Engineering

Chemical Engineering:  D.Sc. Chemical Engineering

Computer Science:  D.Sc. Computer Science

Dissertation Only Ph.D. Creative Arts and Sciences PhD (2 year program)

Education: D.Sc. Instructional Design and Technology

Humanities:  Ph.D. Humanities- Critical Thinking

Humanities:  PhD Humanities- Worlds

LawJ.D. Doctor of Law

Medicine: Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Petroleum Engineering: D.Sc. Petroleum Engineering

Pharmaceutical Science: Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Science

Public Health: 

It is always nice to receive compliments from graduates about our programs, and many of our reviews of Blue Marble University are collected here: 

One of our recent graduates, PhD in Chinese Language, went above and beyond to really present why Blue Marble University, with its online PhD degrees is so special. He prepared a report entitled: “An Inside Look at Blue Marble University’s BA/MS in Chinese Language”. Some excerpts from the review are here:

– In tandem with China increasing its global influence and language standards for foreign work permits, Blue Marble University has created a 2-4-year virtual learning program for this ancient and increasingly relevant global language. 

– Refreshingly, proficiency is the program’s focus, rather than seat time and class hours. It is completely suitable for beginners who will be taken through the degree program to adequate proficiency for professional use. Students who are already proficient to some degree can begin customized curriculums tailored by Blue Marble University’s vastly experienced, professional and capable faculty. 

– Not only does quality take time to create, but it can also take time to know. There are numerous reasons for the quality of Blue Marble University, but the two that stood out specifically for the China Program were that it was realistic and lean. The program’s goal is proficiency in Chinese, which is what is needed in a professional capacity. How that is achieved is understood by the school to be a product of hard studious work rather than a product of seat time in a classroom. Therefore, unrelated and unnecessary course work was eliminated from my curriculum, cutting study time and cost dramatically. 

– This is a lean and exceptionally realistic approach to education. For learners with family and professional lives looking for options in further education where time and money are in short supply, like myself, this is a great choice. Really, it was a joy for me to serendipitously find a school looking at education in such a fashion, and as I worked my way through the program, my respect for the school’s approach to further education only deepened. 

– My enjoyment of the program was also based on the inspiration that continuously arose as I experienced the school’s innovation, care and resourcefulness. 

– I never did feel lost though, and knew clearly my purpose and path for each course, which gave me confidence and urged me forward. This was due to the promptness, clarity and thoughtfulness of instructor guidance and administrative staff communications. These expressed the high-degree of professional care infused within the school. This care was inspiring and it greatly took the edge off of solo virtual self-learning! 

– Blue Marble University’s China Program brought meaning, value and reward into my career and life up to and beyond expectation. 

The full report can be read Here: The China Program-Review


All of the Blue Marble University portfolio of exciting online PhD programs can be completed 100% online and part-time by working adults with careers and families and other responsibilities. 

And our low tuition of $3450 per year (with no interest payment plan) makes our programs affordable by everyone.

In addition to doctoral programs, Blue Marble University offers 5 year combination B.S./Ph.D. online programs for high school students, as well as undergraduate degrees with no second language requirements, nor general studies requirements. 

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