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Blue Marble University offers scholarly and affordable Ph.D. degrees in many subject areas. Tuition is as low as $3200/year, and only $2950/year for our 2 year Dissertation-Only Ph.D. Program.

We serve working adults and offer online doctoral degrees to boost your careers, or to jump start your career in a new field. 

The Dissertation-Only PhD program is one of the most popular programs at Blue Marble University. 

In this program, a student completes a dissertation within 2 years and upon completion and publication, is awarded our doctoral degree. What is unique about the program is that there is no course work. And we help you with publication too!  Every dissertation at Blue Marble University is published! 

The program consists only of the preparation of a dissertation. Most applicants already hold a Masters Degree in some field and wish to round out their educational credentials with a Ph.D. degree. In that situation, we transfer all Masters Degree credits to our transcript to show an additional basis for the award of our degree. 

A good number of our students already completed all doctoral coursework elsewhere but for whatever reason could not complete a dissertation requirement at their previous institution. As we like to say: Blue Marble University has the cure for failed dissertations. 

So if you are looking for a relatively quick way to obtain a Ph.D. degree online, our Dissertation-Only PhD program may be just right for you. Work at your own pace, and work entirely online, no campus visit or residency required.

Moreover, Blue Marble University has students from 5 continents, every one represented except South America and Antarctica. So you are welcome from wherever you are.

Today we highlight one of our graduate students, Robin B. Saunders, who, for her PhD,  is preparing a digital book on cybersecurity. Here is her first Progress Report.  She elected to deliver it to us as a video, and we think you will enjoy her artistry as much as we did. The video shows how our graduate students like to think “outside the box”. Here is her work-up,  published here with her permission:

Because the Blue Marble University Dissertation-Only PhD program contains no courses, you can start anytime. Details  about the program including tuition and How To Apply can be found HERE:

And here are closing comments from two previous students who completed our Dissertation-Only PhD Program:

From Gwen A:  “To My Wonderful Friends at Blue Marble, Just wanted to thank you again for getting me through. I have committed myself in writing to visit my WordPress site one time per week and I am calling it WordPress Wednesdays. I have been inspired by this process and am grateful for the idea of keeping a journal… I literally caught my breath when I read “Dr. A…” as your salutation in the email you sent. Special thanks for comparing me to Alice in Wonderland but the truth is I was merely Gwen in BlueMarble land. I remember feeling stuck during the adventure and just like Alice I thought:  “Would you tell me please which way I ought to go from here”. You always seemed to sense that this was my silent question and still always had the right thing to say: ‘Full steam ahead.’ We will stay in touch. Best Wishes Always…”

And from Doaa E.“To all Blue Marble University Staff: Really I am speechless and I cried with joy when I received the graduation package,  and you don’t know how I felt when a quick flash back came to my mind of these three years which were full with ups and downs in my writing style and how your advice and opinions really helped me to become who I am now and how this University stood with me in this critical dissertation and supported it until it was published and saw the light. Millions of millions of Thank you to all the staff is not enough and I wish all the best and I really want to travel and celebrate our success with you all. Thanks again and again and again to Professor Dr. Drake for your kind words written in the Forward to my book. Thank you so much for  all for your interest.”

In addition to our Dissertation-Only PhD program, Blue Marble University offers doctoral degrees in many popular fields:

Alternative Medicine: Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (ND)

Biology:  Ph.D. Stem Cell Biology [Administered by Panama College of Cell Science].

Biology:  D.Sc. Applied Biology

Biomedical Engineering:  D.Sc. Biomedical Engineering

Chemical Engineering:  D.Sc. Chemical Engineering

Computer Science:  D.Sc. Computer Science

Dissertation Only Ph.D. Creative Arts and Sciences PhD (2 year program)

Education: D.Sc. Instructional Design and Technology

Humanities:  Ph.D. Humanities- Critical Thinking

Humanities:  PhD Humanities- Worlds

Law: J.D. Doctor of Law

Medicine: Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Petroleum Engineering: D.Sc. Petroleum Engineering

Pharmaceutical Science: Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Science

So, in these strange times, why not consider online education…cheaper, scholarly, and way better.

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